Cybersecurity: Would You Like to Play a Game?


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Building an effective computer emergency response team, or CERT, is critical to any organization’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to a cyber incident. Emerging laws and trends on data security and privacy are constantly evolving. This is creating a critical need for legislatures’ cybersecurity teams and their legal departments to work together to effectively respond to potential security breaches, viruses, and other catastrophic incidents that threaten enterprises on a daily basis.

Hear experts discuss how they built and trained their CERTs, explore the key components and policies required to make them work, and learn how to simulate cyber incidents so your CERT can be prepared.

This webinar is sponsored by the National Association of Legislative Information Technology, the Research, Editorial, Legal and Committee Staff Association and the NCSL Cybersecurity Task Force.


  • Jeff Ford, CISSP|GSEC, chief technology/security officer, Office of Technology Services, Indiana Legislative Services Agency
  • David Warycha, Information Security Analyst, Indiana Legislative Services Agency

  • Annie M. Chey-Sluss, staff attorney, Office of Bill Drafting and Research, Indiana Legislative Services Agency

  • Mike Norris, cybersecurity administrator, Legislative Service Center, Washington