National Association of Legislative Information Technology

NALIT 2010 Business Meeting

NCSL Legislative Summit, Louisville, Kentucky

Meeting Minutes

The NALIT Business Meeting met at the Louisville International Convention Center in Kentucky on Wednesday, July 28, 2010.  The meeting was called to order at 12:50 p.m. by NALIT Chair Linda Pittsford.

Members Present:


Curtis Clothier, AK

Troy Adkins, VA

Brian Hansen, AL

Dawna Lee Attig, VT

Dave Larson, KS

Duncan Goss, VT

Terri Clark, KS

 Jeremy Fonte, VT

Joel Redding, KY

Joey Sheen, WV

Jim Swain, KY

Randy Cain, II, WV

Rich Beckwith, MO

Martha Cox, TX

Dennis McCarty, NC

Others Present:

Jason Steckler, ND

Pam Greenberg, NCSL

Gary Wieman, NE

JoAnne Bourquard, NCSL

Richard Brown, NE

Doug Sacarto, NCSL

Linda Pittsford, TX 

Mike Johnson, Propylon

Sharon Crouch Steidel, VA

John Harrington, Propylon

Linda Pittsford opened the meeting by asking for adoption of the minutes from the 2009 NALIT Business Meeting. Copies of the minutes were available at the meeting and were posted to the NALIT website in August, 2009. Dawna Attig noted that she had attended the 2009 business meeting, but was not listed as an attendee in the minutes. A motion to approve the amended minutes was made by Rich Beckwith and seconded by Troy Adkins. The motion carried to approve the minutes.

Linda next thanked the NALIT officers and directors for their service on the NALIT Executive Committee during the past year. She also thanked Kentucky staff for their hospitality and hard work as hosts of the Legislative Summit.

Linda also thanked members of NALIT Committees for the 2009-10 conference year, beginning with members of the Seminar Site Selection Committee members, Dave Larson, Joel Redding and Scott Darnall. Linda noted that Scott is no longer working for the Legislature, but that he had served on the committee. Dave Larson, Chair of the committee explained that in light of difficult fiscal conditions and travel restrictions in many states, the staff section leaders of all ten NCSL staff groups had been discussing the possibility of holding joint professional development seminars in “hub cities.” These hub cities would be less expensive for travel, have appeal to visitors, and be easy to travel to from any point in the U.S. The 10 staff sections were asked to consider meeting in these selected hub cities in 2011 and 2012. The NALIT Site Selection Committee agreed with the hub cities concept, and recommended that NALIT’s Professional Development Seminars be held in the following cities, particularly if other staff sections will be meeting in those cities: in 2011, Portland, OR (Joint with Research and Committee Staff Section, Oct. 2-5); and in 2012, Madison, WI. 

Linda next thanked the members of the Seminar Planning Committee. She noted that the committee had worked on a tentative agenda and other aspects of the seminar, but because of travel restrictions and other unforeseen circumstances, the NALIT Officers had made the difficult decision to cancel the meeting for fall 2010. 

Because most of the NALIT E-learning Committee members were not able to attend the Business Meeting, Linda reported on the committee’s work, noting that they were charged with looking at ways to expand e-learning opportunities for NALIT members. The committee had approved work on a possible webinar about mobile legislative websites and mobile legislative apps. In addition, NALIT had participated as a co-sponsor of the very successful Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee Writing Webinar that was held in April 2010.

Maryann Trauger of North Dakota and Ann McLaughlin of Delaware, co-chairs of the Legislative Staff Achievement Award Committee were not able to attend the Legislative Summit, so Linda presented the 2010 NALIT awards on their behalf. The team of Mark Allred, Richard Amon and Stan Eckersley of the Utah Legislature were recognized for their work on a software redesign which improved significantly the process by which the Utah Legislature develops fiscal notes on proposed legislation. Terri Clark of Kansas was recognized for her role in the development of an integrated, enterprise-wide legislative information and services system.

Linda then recognized the winners of the 2010 Online Democracy Award. Linda served as Co-Chair or this committee, and she noted that she and other members had a difficult time selecting a winner from the many wonderful sites that were nominated. However, the Washington Legislature’s Website stood out for providing extensive information, excellent search functionality, detailed explanations on web pages about available functions and features, and Spanish language translations and printer-friendly versions of web pages, among other features.

Linda next thanked members of the Marketing and Outreach Committee and asked Chair Rich Beckwith to report on the group’s activities. Rich explained that the committee had focused on trying to create more opportunities for NALIT members to collaborate through various options including collaborative websites, wikis and expanded listserv options. He explained that the NALIT listserv works well for members, but the lack of an archive of past listserv messages limits its usefulness. The committee looked at a pilot NALIT Collaboration Site, developed by NCSL’s Online Services staff, which had good features, including a wiki and a discussion forum which would include all past postings and other functionality. However, the committee felt the site posed several challenges to participation, including, most significantly, the requirement that members must sign in to the site before they can post messages. The committee recommended further exploration of collaboration tools for NALIT.

The final committee to report, the 2010 Nominating Committee, was chaired by Duncan Goss. Duncan presented the slate of officers for the 2010-11 year: for Chair: Dave Larson of Kansas; for Vice Chair, Rich Beckwith of the Missouri House of Representatives; for Secretary, Peter Capriglione, of North Carolina; and for Past Chair, Linda Pittsford of Texas. 

Linda asked for nominations from the floor. Hearing that there were none, a motion to accept the recommendation of the nominating committee was made by Joel Redding, and was seconded by Gary Wieman. The motion carried.

At 1:30 pm, NCSL Staff Chair Nancy Cyr and other NCSL officers arrived at the business meeting to address the group. Nancy thanked NALIT members for all they do for NCSL and for their legislative offices. Nancy then introduced Tim Rice of Illinois, incoming NCSL Staff Chair, and Michael Adams of Colorado, newly elected Staff Vice Chair. Tim thanked the Kentucky IT staff for their support of an excellent Legislative Summit this year. Tim acknowledged NALIT as his “staff section home” and thanked its members for the shared ideas and relationships they have fostered. Tim reported on LSCC work in the past year and encouraged NALIT members to continue to take advantage of the e-learning opportunities and the regular meetings offered through NCSL and NALIT. Michael Adams also addressed the group, inviting them to share their ideas about ways NCSL can continue to support legislative staff.

Linda also thanked Pam Greenberg for her work on behalf of NALIT. Linda then turned the meeting over to Dave Larson, incoming NALIT Chair. Dave said it was a privilege to serve as NALIT chair, and acknowledged Linda and other past NALIT officers who have created a community for NALIT members. Dave indicated that he hopes to continue to strengthen the NALIT community and looks forward to serving NALIT.

Past Chair Duncan Goss presented Linda Pittsford with a plaque thanking her for all her service to NALIT over the past year. The meeting adjourned. 

 Posted August 30, 2010.  Adopted August 11, 2011.