National Association of Legislative Information Technology
NALIT 2011 Business Meeting, Thursday, August 11, 2011

NCSL Legislative Summit,
San Antonio, Texas

Business Meeting Minutes

The NALIT Business Meeting met at the Albert E. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio on Thursday, August 11, 2011. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by NALIT Chair Dave Larson. Legislative staff attendees present were:

Michael Adams, VA

Dave Larson, KS

Troy Adkins, VA

Dennis McCarty, NC

Mark Allred, UT

Jennifer Williams Morgan, AL

Dawna Lee Attig, VT

Jonathan Palmore, VA

Rich Beckwith, MO

Linda Pittsford, TX

Gerry Caffey, TX

Joel Redding, KY

Norma Clark, ID

Tim Rice, IL

Curtis Clothier, AK

Gary Schaefer, LA

Sharon Crouch Steidel, VA

Joey Sheen, WV

Leasa Franklin, AL

Jason Steckler, ND

Duncan Goss, VT

Gary Wieman, NE

Mark Humphrey, TX


Joan Klapperich, AK

(Pam Greenberg, NCSL Liaison to NALIT)

NALIT Chair Dave Larson opened the meeting by asking for adoption of the minutes from the 2010 NALIT Business Meeting. Copies of the minutes were available at the meeting and were posted to the NALIT website in August, 2010. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Duncan Goss and seconded by Linda Pittsford. The motion carried to approve the minutes.

Dave first thanked Linda Pittsford and other Texas staff for hosting the Legislative Summit in San Antonio. Next, he thanked members of the NALIT Executive Committee for their service in the 2010-11 conference year: Rich Beckwith, Missouri, Vice Chair; Peter Capriglione, Secretary; Linda Pittsford, Past Chair; and directors Troy Adkins, Virginia; Curtis Clothier, Alaska; Brenda Fleming, California; Joel Redding, Kentucky; Steve Kriegish, Tennessee; and Jeff VanEngelenhoven, Iowa. Dave also thanks NALIT committee members for their service.

Mark Allred, Co-Chair of the Legislative Staff Achievement Awards Committee, was asked to present the NALIT awards for 2011. The first award was presented to Norma Clark, Application Development Manager, who thanked the group and accepted the award on behalf of the Idaho Legislature’s GEMS Development Team. The second NALIT award was presented to Linda Pittsford of Texas. Linda expressed her appreciation for the award, saying the work and time she’s spent on NALIT and with NCSL’s Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee, standing committee and other NCSL groups she has served on has been more than repaid to her through the people she’s come to know and the things learned from her service. Dave next announced that the NALIT/LINCS Online Democracy Award went to the Florida Senate’s web site.

Linda Pittsford, Chair of the 2011 Nominating Committee, then presented the slate of officers for the 2011-12 NALIT Officers for approval by the membership:

  • Chair: Rich Beckwith, Missouri
  • Vice Chair: Peter Capriglione, North Carolina
  • Secretary: Troy Adkins, Virginia
  • Past Chair: Dave Larson, Kansas 

Dave then asked for any nominations from the floor.  Hearing none, members expressed a voice vote in favor of the slate offered by the nominating committee. There were none opposed.

Tim Rice, Director of LIS, Illinois, and outgoing NCSL Staff Chair; and Michael Adams, NCSL Staff Vice Chair, joined the meeting, having come directly from the NCSL Business Meeting. Michael Adams announced that he was honored to have just taken the gavel as the new NCSL Staff Chair for 2011-12. He also announced his new position as Director of Strategic Planning for the Virginia Senate (he had previously served as Director of Information Services for the Colorado Legislature). Michael thanked Tim Rice for his mentorship and guidance over the past year. He noted the coincidence of again serving as Vice Chair when Tim was Chair—Michael had served as Vice Chair and Tim as Chair of NALIT in 2001-02. Michael thanked NALIT members for their support and encouraged them to attend the Legislative Summit next year in Tim’s home state, Illinois.

Tim Rice indicated how much he appreciated his roots in NALIT, and said he hopes to be able to become more involved with NALIT again, now that his term as Staff Chair has ended. Tim noted that the September 11 tragedy happened as his transition to NALIT Chair took place, and that no travel was allowed in Illinois during the 2001-02 year. As Vice Chair, Michael stepped in to represent Tim at NALIT meetings, and Tim appreciated his support then, as well as his support over the past year.

Dave Larson spoke next, thanking NALIT members for giving him the distinct honor of serving as Chair in the past year. He expressed his appreciation for the comradeship NALIT members share and gave his thanks for the trust NALIT members placed in him. Dave then turned the Chair’s gavel over to Rich Beckwith.

Rich expressed his admiration for the NALIT officers who have served before him and thanked them and their families for supporting this service. He thanked those present for coming to San Antonio and to NALIT meetings. He noted that NALIT is one of the few places where legislative IT staff can meet with others who do the same work, and talk about and learn from the shared experiences—good and bad.

Rich presented his two main goals for the coming year. First, to focus on finding an improved online collaboration tool that will allow members to share information, and second, to see a successful Professional Development Seminar this fall in Portland, Oregon. He asked the members present to try to attend the seminar, since the biggest value of the seminar is the networking and information sharing with colleagues. It’s been the place where NALIT members have solved problems by learning from the experiences of others. Rich said there will be several opportunities open to serve as NALIT directors or committee members, and he asked those interested to contact him. He thanked members for the honor of being elected as NALIT Chair.

Posted September 12, 2011.