The Legislative Information and Communication Staff (LINCS) association listserv is an email forum and information exchange for legislative staff who have partisan or nonpartisan public information, public relations or media responsibilities. LINCS listserv subscribers post messages to the list that are then sent out to all other subscribers to create an electronic discussion group. Discussions on the LINCS listserv should revolve around legislative information and communication topics. Some subscribers have posted survey questions on the listserv.


To subscribe or unsubscribe to the LINCS listserv, simply email Angela Andrews

Posting Messages

To post a message to the LINCS listserv, send an email to LINCS-ALL-L@NCSL.ORG with your questions or comments about legislative information and communication (describe the message briefly in the subject field). Please include your name and contact information at the bottom of every message so others can contact you individually if they choose. Your message will be sent to all subscribers on the list.

Remember that replies to messages posted on the LINCS listserv will also be sent to all other subscribers. To reply privately, send a new message to the sender's personal email address.

Here are some hints on how to properly use the LINCS listserv. They will help keep the group user-friendly for everyone. When sending your message:

  • Think before you press Reply. Remember that when you press "Reply" to a listserv message, you are sending your message to the entire listserv, not just to the author.
  • To reply just to the author, address your email to the individual's personal email address.
  • Use descriptive titles in the subject line.
  • Be brief. 
  • Include your name and email address. This will enable someone to respond directly to you instead of the entire listserv.
  • When responding to a posting, summarize the message to which you are responding in the first part of your message.
  • Please be considerate of others. For example: do not SHOUT (e.g. use ALL CAPS) at people, do not post message correcting someone else's spelling or grammar, and be careful with humor and sarcasm as email is easily misinterpreted. In short, remember the Golden Rule.
  • Proofread your message before sending. Once a message is sent, it can't be retrieved. 
  • Be patient. There is a learning curve for people who have not used a mailing list before. If you want to post a response to an error, send them a message using their personal email address. Do not post your response to their error to the entire listserv.