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All About LINCS

If you work in communications in a state legislature, you are a member of LINCS! Take advantage of the benefits of being in a professional association—connecting with colleagues around the country. Learn more about what LINCS has to offer you through meetings and resources such as the LINCS newsletter, The Voice, and find out how to get involved.


Join Us for NCSL Base Camp 2020

COVID-19, the economy, systemic racism, high-stakes elections. For a year unlike any other, you need a plan unlike any other. Welcome to NCSL Base Camp 2020, where national thought leaders and policy experts join with states to map the way forward. 

Webinar Redistricting


Coronavirus Resources for Legislative Staff

Covering a range of policy areas including continuity of government and elections, our new comprehensive NCSL Coronavirus Resources webpage is updated daily. In addition to updates on state actions, there are distance learning opportunities such as webinars and podcasts. And be sure to check the Comms Shop for LINCS-specific resources. 


The Voice: Spring 2020

This issue includes contributions from several members on how their chambers - and they themselves - are dealing with COVID-related challenges: LINCS Chair Betsy Theroux's column, crisis communications in Wisconsin, the Arkansas House's offisite special session, plus how to make the best of working from home.



Comms Shop

Legislative communicators turn to LINCS when they want to find out how other states handle various communications functions. We pose those questions to our members and share their responses. Our resources include a state-by-state list of legislative social media sites and media credentialing policies.