Tips for Effective Testimony


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Presenting information to legislators is one of the most important tasks legislative staff perform. The information staff present can help shape policy discussions, and influence the decisions of lawmakers. Testifying before a committee, or presenting to a group of legislators can be stressful and challenging for legislative staff. As states prepare for their 2020 legislative sessions, Jonathan Ball, the Legislative Fiscal Analyst in Utah, shares some guidance and advice for conveying information to legislators.



  • Jonathan Ball is Utah's Legislative Fiscal Analyst, leading a team of non-partisan public finance experts who forecast state revenue, recommend budgets, and estimate the cost of proposed legislation. Ball has been in public service for over twenty years, serving both the executive and legislative branches of government. Ball has served on NCSL's Executive Committee and been president of the National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices (NALFO) and the Western States Legislative Fiscal Officers Association (WSLFOA). In 2016, NCSL awarded Ball the Steven D. Gold Award for his commitment to improving the legislative institution and state budgeting practices around the country.