The Fiscal Link | April 2014


The Fiscal Link


NCSL and NALFO Updates

Fiscal Analysts Seminar

The 2014 Fiscal Analysts Seminar will take place in Seattle, Oct. 20-22. View the latest information on the meeting. 

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GASAC Meeting Notes

Stephen Klein, chief fiscal officer for the Vermont Legislative Joint Fiscal Office attended the Government Accounting Standards Advisory Committee (GASAC) meeting as NCSL’s representative. Read Steve’s meeting notes here. 

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The application deadline for the Legislative Staff Management Institution (LSMI) is May 2, 2014. LSMI) provides legislative staff with the opportunity to develop and enhance their management and leadership skills.

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Financial literacy

NCSL maintains a list of state legislation introduced or pending during the 2014 legislative session relating to financial literacy or financial education. 

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Summary of the House budget

NCSL published a summary of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget recommendations. 

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STate news and reports


The Legislative Analyst’s Office published a report recommending a restructuring of the state’s Child Care and Development System. 

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The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability published a report on the condition of the state retirement systems.

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The Senate Fiscal Agency published a memo outlining the governor’s proposed increases to revenue sharing. It also discusses the different types of revenue sharing programs available in the state.

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The Legislative Budget Board posted a presentation delivered by the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition and the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The presentation provides recommendations for the state’s criminal justice system. 

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The Joint Fiscal Office released a report from a third party commissioned by the Legislature to examine an increase in Vermont’s minimum wage. The report contains comparisons with other states and within job sectors.  

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Federal news and reports

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia released its state coincident indexes for March 2014. The coincident index is a combination of four state-level indicators to summarize current economic conditions in a single statistic.

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U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau issued its 2013 Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections, which contains state tax collections data for FY 2013.

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Congressional Budget Office

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) published a review of CBO’s activities in 2013 under the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act. The CBO also updated its budget projections between 2014 and 2024. 

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Federal Tax Administration

The Federation of Tax Administrators published Excel tables of 2013 revenues per capita and state tax revenue by source using Census Bureau data.

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Governmnet Accountability Office

The Government Accountability Office conducted a limited study of unenrolled preparers of tax returns in 2014 and found significant errors in prepared tax returns

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Other Items of interest

VERA Institute of Justice

The VERA Institute of Justice published a series of white papers discussing the challenges and opportunities of using cost benefit analysis in criminal justice systems.

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Rockefeller Institute of Government

The Rockefeller Institute of Government released its first in series of state briefs on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 

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U.S. PIRG Education Fund

The U.S. PIRG Education Fund published its fifth annual evaluation of state government transparency websites. The report compares the 50 states and finds that states are making progress at ensuring that spending data is made available to the public.

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