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NCSL and NALFO Updates

State Tax Actions

NCSL released “State Tax Actions: 2013” which provides a comprehensive look at state tax changes in 2013.

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Gambling and Lottery Legislation

NCSL  compiled a list of gambling and lottery legislation being considered in the states.

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Economic Development Legislation Database

NCSL maintains a searchable database of current legislation on economic development. Use this database to search 2013 or 2014 bills by topic, primary author, state, bill number, status or keyword.

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STate news and reports


California. The Legislative Analyst’s Office published an analysis of the higher education budget, which raises concerns about oversight of higher education funds.

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The Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research published an economic overview of the state. 

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The House Fiscal Agency issued a memorandum on changes in K-12 funding in the state.

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The Legislative Revenue Office published a report providing an overview of the state’s public finances.
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The Independent Fiscal Office published a report examining the state’s lottery system. The report provides interstate comparisons.
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The Legislative Budget Board published an issue brief outlining recent congressional actions and the funding impact on state programs.

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The Joint Fiscal Office prepared a presentation examining the state’s health care system and patient migration between the New England states. 

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Federal news and reports

Congressional Budget Office

The Congressional Budget Office published a report examining the federal budget from 2014 to 2024 if current laws and policies remain in effect.  Read the report

The CBO also released a report on the slow recovery of the United States labor market. Read the report

Agency Performance Goals

The Office of Management and Budget wrote a blog post highlighting progress in agency performance goals to improve government.

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Education Grants

The U.S. Department of Education announced grant awards to six states and the District of Columbia to continue efforts to improve consistently low-performing schools.

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Manufacturing Jobs

A blog post from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago examines the return of manufacturing to the United States and if this trend is creating meaningful jobs in Michigan and the greater U.S.

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Other Items of interest

Mandatory Sentencing

The VERA Institute of Justice published a report that focuses on mandatory sentences in the states, and how states have been rolling back and adjusting mandatory sentence laws in recent years.

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GASB Newsletter

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board established a new quarterly newsletter, titled “GASB Outlook,” to discuss accounting and financial reporting issues.

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Unemployed Workers

The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College published an issue brief examining how long unemployed older workers search for a job.

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