National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices (NALFO) Overview


The National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices was formed in 1976 to promote and improve the quality of professional legislative fiscal staff support for state legislatures throughout the country. NALFO is one of the ten staff sections affiliated with NCSL and the collaboration has produced excellent programs for fiscal staff in professional development and training, information exchange, and improvements in intergovernmental fiscal policy. NALFO also has two strong regional affiliations, the Eastern States Legislative Fiscal Officers Association (ESLFOA) and the Western States Legislative Fiscal Officers Association (WSLFOA). 


Membership is open to all legislative fiscal staff of the states and territories of the United States. NALFO does not charge dues and there is no formal affiliation process.


NALFO meets once a year during the NCSL Annual Meeting to conduct its business meeting and select officers, and ESLFOA and WSLFOA each meet once in the fall.


Professional development is the cornerstone value of NALFO membership and many opportunities exist to benefit legislative fiscal staff. At the NCSL Legislative Summit, several sessions are reserved for fiscal topics that explore issues common to all states as well as examining unique and innovative approaches that may have broader application. The Fiscal Analysts Seminar is held in early fall with specific tracks on budget and tax issues. (suspended for 2009) Each year at the NCSL Legislative Summit, NALFO presents a Legislative Staff Achievement Award to up to two deserving individuals, teams or offices to recognize outstanding legislative fiscal staff.


NCSL maintains a NALFO home page and also produces a monthly electronic newsletter, The Fiscal Link. NALFO has established an electronic discussion group as well as a larger e-mail address list with over 1,000 legislative fiscal staff. The NCSL Fiscal Affairs Program staff survey surveys NALFO members several times annually to keep members current with fiscal issues and provides the results of those surveys in the form of State Budget Update, State Budget Actions and State Tax Actions.  


Holly M. Lyons, President, Iowa

Sharon Reynolds Ferland, President-Elect, Rhode Island

Nandana Kalupahana, Past-President, Hawaii

Stephanie Barrett, Secretary, Vermont

Jonathan Ball, Treasurer,Utah

Betsey Daley, Training Committee Chair, Virginia


For more information about NALFO contact: 

Arturo Pérez, NALFO Liaison, 303-856-1493 or