NALFO Legislative Staff Achievement Awards


Call for Nominations

The National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices (NALFO) is inviting nominations for the NCSL annual Legislative Staff Achievement Awards. Each NCSL professional staff association may give up to two awards to recognize outstanding staff. These nominations can be for individuals, project teams or entire offices. The award winners will be honored at a "Salute to Legislative Staff" event during NCSL's 2021 Base Camp (August 3-5th).

A letter of nomination, accompanied by appropriate supporting materials, should describe and document how the nominee has met one or more of the criteria noted below. A panel of NALFO officers will review the nominations based only upon the materials received, therefore the submission of examples and sufficient documentation to assess a nominee’s contributions is imperative.

  1. The nominee has made a significant contribution to the resolution of a fiscal or public policy issue before the state legislature.    
  2. The nominee, over time, has consistently demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and excellence in a body of work or career that warrants special recognition. 
  3. The nominee has made other unique contributions in promoting and developing the role of legislative fiscal staff assistance in the legislative process.


The deadline for submitting nominations is Thursday, May 27. All materials should be emailed to Erica MacKellar or sent to:

Eric Nauman
NALFO President
c/o Erica MacKellar
7700 East First Place
Denver, Colorado 80230
Telephone: 303-856-1403 


NALFO Legislative Staff Achievement Award Winners


Don Richards, budget and fiscal administrator, Wyoming

NALFO is proud to present Don Richards with a NALFO Staff Achievement Award for his long-term commitment to the Wyoming legislature. Don is recognized for his outstanding work as the Budget/Fiscal Administrator for the Wyoming Legislative Services Office, and his work as the Co-Chairman of Wyoming’s Consensus Revenue Estimating Group. Don is deeply respected for his non-partisanship and the credibility of his analysis, providing legislators with exceptional information to inform policymaking.


Chloe Wexler, fiscal data anaylst, Vermont

NALFO is proud to present Chloe Wexler with a NALFO Staff Achievement Award for her in-depth data analysis for the Vermont Legislature. Chloe has worked with large and cumbersome data sets in a variety of policy areas, and has created multi-dimensional analysis that can be used to inform policymaking. She is greatly admired not only for her analytical skills, but for her ability to distill and communicate complex issues.



Patrick Goldsmith, House Fiscal Division, Louisiana  



Joel Michael and Steve Hinze, House Research Office, Minnesota

Stephanie Morrison and Sam Schaefer, Legislative Fiscal Division, Montana



Christopher Woods, Budget Director, Office of the Speaker, California Assembly



Tax Incentive Review Team, Office of Fiscal Management, Legislative Services Agency, Indiana

Martha Wigton, Director, House Budget and Research Office, Georgia



Ryan Miller, Principal Fiscal and Policy Analyst, Legislative Analyst’s Office, California

John Rohrer, Coordinator, Office of Policy Analysis, Department of Legislative Services, Maryland



Norris Green, Director, Alabama Legislative Fiscal Office

Russell Frandsen, Analyst, Office of the Utah Legislative Fiscal Analyst



David J. Rosen, Ph.D., Legislative Budget and Finance Officer for the New Jersey Office of Legislative Services

Amanda Bickel, Chief Legislative Analyst, and Steve Allen, Senior Legislative Analyst, Colorado Joint Budget Committee


Sarah Franklin, Senior Research Associate, Legislative Research Unit, Illinois


John O’Brien Director, Legislative Budget Board, Texas

Cathy Higgins, House Budget Analysis Director, Office of Legislative Budget Analysis, Tennessee


William Marx, Chief Fiscal Analyst, House of Representatives, Minnesota

Taryn Purdy, Principal Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Fiscal Division, Montana


David Abbey, Director, Legislative Finance Committee, New Mexico

Sharon Reynolds Ferland, Deputy Fiscal Advisor, House of Representatives, Rhode Island


Hadley Johnson, Jr., Deputy Legislative Analyst, Legislative Analyst's Office, California

Property Tax Team, Office of Fiscal and Management Analysis, Legislative Services Agency, Indiana


Richard E. Hickman, Jr., Deputy Staff Director, Senate Finance Committee, Virginia


Kevin Madigan, Deputy Senate Fiscal Advisor, Senate Fiscal Office, Rhode Island

Gary Karger, Fiscal Analyst, House Fiscal Analysis Department, Minnesota



James Landers, Senior Fiscal Analyst, Office of Fiscal and Management Analysis, Legislative Services Agency, Indiana

Dennis Prouty, Director, Legislative Services Agency, Iowa


Terry Johnson, Principal Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Fiscal Agency, Montana

Warren G. Deschenaux, Director, Office of Policy Analysis, Department of Legislative Services, Maryland


William G. Black, House of Representatives, Louisiana

Michael Kjar and the Meribah Development Team, Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Utah


Don Eckhart, Legislative Service Commission, Ohio

Robert Sigalow, Legislative Services Agency, Indiana


Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau Staff

Cathy Holland-Smith, Fiscal Officer for Legislative Services, Legislative Services Office, Idaho


Alan D. Conroy, Chief Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Department, Kansas

Michigan House Fiscal Agency Video Project -- William Hamilton and Hank Prince


Greta M. Rymal, Assistant Director, Legislative Budget Board, Texas

David Thurman, Senior Budget Specialist, Office of Legislative Budget Analysis, Tennessee


David A. Brunson, Assistant Director, Ohio Legislative Budget Office, Ohio

Jeffrey Youtz, Supervisor, Legislative Budget & Policy Analysis, Idaho


Catherine Benham, Associate Fiscal Officer, Joint Fiscal Office, Vermont

Alfred J. Ferguson, Assistant Executive Director, House Committee on Appropriations, Pennsylvania