2016 Fiscal Analyst Seminar Resources


2016 Fiscal Analyst Seminar

The 2016 Fiscal Analyst Seminar was held in Santa Fe from Oct. 5-7, 2016. This page provides resources for sessions and presentations at the meeting.

Federal Budget Outlook

  • Trinity Tomsic, deputy executive directory, Federal Funds Information for States

U.S. Economic Outlook

  • Dan White, senior economist, Moody's Analytics

State Budget Update and Roundtable

  • Corina Eckl, director, Leaders Services, NCSL

The Evolving State Tax Base

  • Kate Watkins, economist, Colorado Legislative Council 

Stress Testing State Budgets

Capital Budgeting

  • George Morgan, New Mexico General Services Department

Presenting Data

State Tax Climate

Writing Fiscal Notes

The Art of Persuasion: Effective Communication