Education: 2012 Priorities | Interview with Paul Headlee


Principal Budget and Policy Analyst | Idaho Legislative Services Office | LESN Co-Chair

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Paul Headlee,
principal budget and policy analyst for the Idaho Legislative Services Office


Paul Headlee is principal budget and policy analyst for the Idaho Legislative Services Office. He also serves as co-chair of the Legislative Education Staff Network. In this brief video, Paul spells out priorities for the NCSL Education Standing Committee, highlights the value of NCSL staff as policy experts and emphasizes the value of participating in the Legislative Education Staff Network.

What Does LESN Do For You?

  • Sponsors in-person seminars and webinars on important education policy topics, enabling you to better serve your legislature.
  • Publishes Heads Up on Education Issues, a monthly compilation of recommended research and reading on critical public education issues.
  • Conducts several sessions specific to legislative staff at ECS and NCSL meetings.
  • Maintains a listserv to provide instant assistance from colleagues across the country.
  • Publishes an online membership directory that provides you education staff contacts in each state legislature.
  • Maintains a website devoted to keeping you up to date on education policy, including listserv archives, professional development opportunities, publications, online education staff contact list and more.
  • Offers access to technical support and resource from ECS and NCSL.

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