2021 LESN Recognition Award


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Each year NCSL and the professional staff associations recognize individuals, offices and agencies who support and further the work and mission of legislative institutions across the nation. LESN is proud to take part in this tradition and will be seeking nominations for this year's LESN Recognition Award starting in April. 

LESN honorees will first be recognized at the Education Commission of the States' (ECS) LESN Summer Seminar in late July and then recognized again at the NCSL “Salute to Legislative Staff” event during NCSL Base Camp 2021 (Aug. 3-5, 2021).

You can submit a nomination here.

Award Timeline

  • April 1: nominations open
  • May 21: nominations close
  • July 20-29: award recipient announced at ECS LESN Summer Seminar
  • August 3-5: award recipient recognized at NCSL Base Camp

Award Guidelines

  1. The LESN Recognition Award shall be given to one legislative education staff member annually who, in the discretion of the award selection committee, meets the criteria set forth below.
  2. All legislative staff working on education policy are eligible to receive the recognition award.
  3. Previous award winners are not eligible for nomination.
Award Criteria
  1. Must contribute to the work of the Legislative Education Staff Network through two or more of the following*:
    • Participation at national or regional meetings, webinars, projects, or activities sponsored by ECS or NCSL as a member of LESN.
    • Participation in the LESN listerv through response to staff inquiries or posting of information and inquiries.
    • Participation in LESN seminars or activities as a presenter, facilitator or coordinator.
    • Service as a past member of the LESN steering committee.
    • Other service or assistance, including or not limited to networking across states.
  2. Must exhibit expertise in education policy and a high degree of professionalism
  3. Must exhibit competence and integrity in service to the legislature

* If you do not have info on a nominee’s involvement with LESN, please feel free to reach out to lesn.coordinator@ncsl.org to inquire about past participation. The coordinator will either share information with you directly or put you in touch with a contact in the nominee’s state.

Process for Nomination
  1. Any legislator or legislative staff may nominate an LESN member by submitting the nomination form no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, May 21, 2021.
  2. Nomination forms should be accompanied by no more than two letters of recommendation.
  3. Nominations not selected for this year's award will be held for two years and automatically resubmitted to subsequent selection committees. The selection committee may contact the person who originally submitted the nomination for any relevant updates to the nominee's status or qualifications.
Award Selection
  1. The selection committee consists of four members: the two current LESN steering committee co-chairs, one current LESN steering committee member, and one former steering committee member. The current and former steering committee member will be chosen by the current co-chairs.
  2. A member of the selection committee will excuse herself from the entire selection process if a legislative staff from the member's state is nominated for the award. ECS and NCSL coordinators will select a substitute committee members as necessary to fill vacancies.
  3. The selection committee will review nominations based upon the criteria above to determine the award recipient.

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