Millicent "Millie" MacFarland Memorial Scholarship


A photo of Millicent MacFarlandThe Millicent "Millie" MacFarland Memorial Scholarship was established to assist principal members of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries with costs associated with attending the society’s annual professional development seminar.

Millie MacFarland (1956-2014) was chief clerk and parliamentarian of the Maine House of Representatives from 2000- 2010 and 2013-2014. From 1978-2000, she served as calendar clerk, chief calendar clerk, and assistant clerk. During her membership in ASLCS, she served as president from 2008-2009 and received the NCSL Legislative Staff Achievement Award in 1997.

It is in recognition and honor of MacFarland’s many years of nonpartisan service and dedication to the society that this principal member scholarship was established. This scholarship will be awarded annually to two ASLCS principal members in the amount of $1000/ per scholarship and may cover the following expenses related to the PDS: registration fee, lodging, and/or travel expenses such as airfare.

This year, the ASLCS Professional Development Seminar will be in Phoenix, Arizona (Sept. 24-29, 2017). To afford an opportunity for as many as possible to receive a scholarship, those awarded a scholarship will not be eligible in future years. A principal member interested in the scholarship should submit a letter outlining why he or she hopes to be awarded the scholarship. Letters are to be submitted to the ASLCS Executive Committee through Holly South, NCSL staff liaison. Application due date: TBD