ASLCS Legislative Staff Achievement Awards


2022 Call for Nominations

Do you know a colleague who deserves recognition for outstanding work? Please let us know! ASLCS is now accepting nominations for the 2022 Legislative Staff Achievement Award, created by the NCSL Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee in 1997. The Legislative Staff Achievement Award is presented annually by each of the nine NCSL Professional Staff Associations to honor those among their members who have supported the legislative process, improved the effectiveness of the legislative institution, and contributed to the work of their staff association. Each staff association may nominate up to two people, teams or legislative offices from its membership. 

NCSL will announce the recipients of the 2022 Legislative Staff Achievement Awards this summer. ASLCS honorees will be recognized at the NCSL “Salute to Legislative Staff” event and at the ASLCS Luncheon and Business Meeting during the NCSL Legislative Summit (Aug. 1-3 in Denver).  

All members of ASLCS are eligible and nominations may be submitted by either the nominee or by other members. The ASLCS selection committee will review the nominations and select the winner(s).

Congratulations to the 2021 Recipients!

Meggan Foesch 
Business Manager
Wisconsin Senate

Meggan Foesch has worked for the Wisconsin Legislature for more than two decades. She is instrumental in the Senate’s budget planning process and responsible for the Senate’s accounting functions. In addition, she works on state Capitol projects and plans a wide range of events, from inauguration to Senate reunions. 

In the past few years alone, she has made the Wisconsin Senate more effective by driving several technology-related projects with a philosophy that technology should be embraced with a focus on improving customer experience.

A member of ASLCS since 2007, she led planning for the 2010 and 2018 professional development seminars, serves on standing committees, has coordinated and served on ASLCS session panels, and participated in several Legislative Expos. 

Megan Martin
Secretary and Parliamentarian 
Pennsylvania Senate

Megan Martin has devoted most of her legal career to public service. She is the first woman to serve as the Pennsylvania Senate’s secretary and parliamentarian since the position was established more than 100 years ago. 

Since becoming secretary and parliamentarian in 2012, she has been a change agent in the Senate, not only modernizing the legislative operations of the Senate but also updating her entire operation and elevating the roles of her 80 team members and their important work as public servants. She has also promoted civics education and has invested in her team by creating and implementing a professional development and training program. 

Martin led the team that developed the solution that allowed the Pennsylvania Senate to continue its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her leadership resulted in the Senate being the first state legislative chamber to hold a session with the full remote participation of its members during a worldwide pandemic. She has also served as a valuable resource to fellow ASLCS members navigating their own sessions during the pandemic.

A member of the 2020 Mason’s Manual Commission, she has also written and lectured extensively on parliamentary procedure, government service and the legislative process. 

2020 Recipients

Susan W. Kannarr
Chief Clerk of the House

Bernadette C. McNulty
Chief Assistant Secretary of the Senate

2019 Recipients

Brad Hendrickson
Secretary of the Senate

Erin Gillitzer 
Senate Records and Journal Clerk

Ted Blazel
Senate Sergeant at Arms

2018 Recipients

  • Yolanda J. Dixon, First Assistant Secretary of the Senate | Louisiana
  • Susan Furlong, Chief Clerk of the Assembly | Nevada

2017 Recipients

  • Maryann Horch, Senior Systems Analyst of the Senate | Virginia
  • Steven T. James, Clerk of the House | Massachusetts

2016 Recipients

  • Janice A. Gadd, Legislative Printing Supervisor/Journal Clerk of the House | Utah
  • Sandra D. Tenney, Chief Clerk of the House | Utah

2015 Recipients

  • Norma Chastain, Assistant Chief Clerk of the House | Arizona
  • Marilyn Eddins, Chief Clerk of the House | Colorado

2014 Recipients

  • Nathan A. Hatfield, Assistant Clerk of the Senate | Virginia
  • Karen Wadsworth, Chief Clerk of the House | New Hampshire

2013 Recipients

  • Judith M. Barrows, Senior Systems Support Coordinator of the House | Maine
  • Terry L. Spieler, Secretary of the Senate | Missouri

2012 Recipients

  • Stephen R. Arias, Chief Clerk of the House | New Mexico
  • Ramona J. Kenady Line, Chief Clerk of the House | Oregon

2011 Recipients

  • Ann Cornwell, Director/Secretary of the Senate | Arkansas
  • Bruce F. Jamerson, Clerk of the House of Delegates | Virginia

2010 Recipients

  • McDowell Lee, Secretary of the Senate | Alabama
  • Patsy Spaw, Secretary of the Senate | Texas