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Call for Nominations

Do you know a colleague who deserves recognition for outstanding work? Please let us know! ASLCS is accepting nominations for the 2020 Legislative Staff Achievement Award, created by the NCSL Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee in 1997. The Legislative Staff Achievement Award is presented annually by each of the nine NCSL Professional Staff Associations to honor those among their members who have supported the legislative process, improved the effectiveness of the legislative institution, and contributed to the work of their staff association.

Each staff association may nominate up to two people, teams or legislative offices from its membership. Recipients of the 2020 Legislative Staff Achievement Awards will be announced by NCSL at the 2020 Legislative Summit in Indianapolis, Ind.

All members of ASLCS are eligible and nominations may be submitted by either the nominee or by other members. The ASLCS selection committee will review the nominations and select the winner(s), who will be notified in early May. Please submit the nomination form to Holly South by Friday, April 24.

2019 Recipients

Brad Hendrickson
Secretary of the Senate

The American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries recognizes Brad Hendrickson for his 38 years of service to the Washington State Senate and his numerous contributions to the Society and NCSL. 
With his appointment in December 2017 as Secretary of the Washington Senate, Brad Hendrickson is, in his own words, “working in the job I trained for my entire adult life.” Beginning with an internship with the state senate during college, Brad has worked almost exclusively for the Senate since graduating. He has held several positions with caucus staff and Senate administration, including deputy staff director, information systems coordinator, and four appointments as deputy secretary of the Senate. 

He has been a champion of civic education, and instituted organizational and technological changes to better serve legislators, staff and the public. But according to his team, Brad’s greatest area of expertise is his ability to lead, manage and mentor staff.

His contributions to the Society include several years of service on the Executive Committee, including as Associate Vice-President and in his current role as Appointed Principal. Brad has also been very involved in two NCSL Summits held in Seattle and in serving as a two-time host of the ASLCS PDS, both in 2009 and the upcoming conference in September. 

Erin Gillitzer 
Senate Records and Journal Clerk

Ted Blazel
Senate Sergeant at Arms

ASLCS is proud to honor the Wisconsin Senate’s Erin Gillitzer and Ted Blazel with the 2018 Legislative Staff Achievement Award for their professionalism, love of the legislative process, and dedication to the legislative institution. 

Erin, the Records and Journal Clerk, started with the Senate in 2011 as a page and joined the Clerk’s office in 2013. She also serves as committee administrator. 

Ted was first elected Senate Sergeant at Arms in 2003. He has spoken on the topic of legislative security at several NCSL and NLSSA meetings. He’s also served on the host committee for both the ASLCS and NLSSA professional development seminars in Madison. 

Erin and Ted teamed up this session to create an Electronic Registration Program and mobile app. The technology has made it easier for the Senate committee clerks to collect the opinions on legislation being considered at a public hearing. Anyone wishing to testify can register in person at kiosks located outside committee rooms, or if unable to attend, via the mobile app. This innovation has eliminated the need for Committee Clerks having to enter each witness slip individually and is more time efficient for all involved.

According to colleagues, this project has been a vision for Ted for many years – and working with Erin has made this vision a reality. In their search for efficiencies in the legislative process and by listening closely to the needs of senators and staff, they delivered a solution that benefits senators, legislative staff, and the public.

2018 Recipients

Yolanda J. Dixon
First Assistant Secretary of the Senate

Susan Furlong
Chief Clerk of the Assembly

2017 Recipients

Maryann Horch
Senior Systems Analyst of the Senate

Steven T. James
Clerk of the House

2016 Recipients

Janice A. Gadd
Legislative Printing Supervisor/Journal Clerk of the House

Sandra D. Tenney
Chief Clerk of the House

2015 Recipients

Norma Chastain
Assistant Chief Clerk of the House

Marilyn Eddins
Chief Clerk of the House

2014 Recipients

Karen Wadsworth
Chief Clerk of the House
New Hampshire

Nathan A. Hatfield
Assistant Clerk of the Senate

2013 Recipients

Terry L. Spieler
Secretary of the Senate

Judith M. Barrows
Senior Systems Support Coordinator of the House

2012 Recipients

Stephen R. Arias
Chief Clerk of the House
New Mexico

Ramona J. Kenady Line
Chief Clerk of the House

2011 Recipients

Ann Cornwell
Director/Secretary of the Senate

Bruce F. Jamerson
Clerk of the House of Delegates

2010 Recipients

McDowell Lee
Secretary of the Senate

Patsy Spaw
Secretary of the Senate