ASLCS Publications


Publications and Standards

Marble ColumnsASLCS publishes several reference and resource books, including The Legislative Administrator, Professional Journal, Roster and Reference Guide, International Directory, Mason's Manual and Inside the Legislative Process.

The Society's publications are governed by standards approved by the Executive Committee of ASLCS. The publication standards are policies adopted by the ASLCS Executive Committee that are continuing in nature. Publication Standards remain in effect unless amended by the Executive Committee.

Legislative Administrator

The Legislative Administrator is the official newsletter of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries.

Professional Journal

"The Journal" provides a forum to share experiences, expertise and opinions on a variety of subjects influencing our daily working environment.

International Directory

The International Directory is a booklet that provides a resource in English, Spanish and French of the objectives and goals of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS), Association of Chief Clerks of Mexico's State Legislatures and the Federal District of Mexico (ANOMAC), Association of Central American Legislative Clerks (ATELCA), the Canadian Clerks-at-the Table, South African Legislative Secretaries Association (SALSA), and the Australian Clerks. The directory also contains the names, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses of the Executive Committee members of the respective organizations.

Inside the Legislative Process

Inside the Legislative Process is a research tool, providing information on state legislative processes and procedures. The ASLCS committee on Inside the Legislative Process is responsible for reviewing and producing this publication. The committee works closely with NCSL staff to develop survey questions and record the responses in a format that is easily usable by all legislative units and reflects current legislative processes. 

For more information about ASLCS, contact: Holly South, NCSL Staff Liaison.