ASLCS listserv

ASLCS LogoThe ASLCS listserv serves as a communications resource for the exclusive use of legislators and legislative staff. Do you have a question about how other states handle a particular issue or a problem you've encountered? Are you interested in learning about parliamentary procedures in other states? Or maybe you just want to meet with your counterparts in other states. Whatever your reason, the ASLCS listserv can help.

How Does it Work?

It's called a "listserv" in email parlance, and here's how it works. First, you subscribe to the ASLCS email list. Then, every email you or any other subscriber sends to the listserv address is automatically distributed to all subscribers. So, if you post a question, it will automatically be sent to every subscriber, and each subscriber's response will automatically be sent to every subscriber.

ASLCS Listserv Use Policy Disclaimer

Please be advised that the National Conference of State Legislatures professional staff association listservs are open to all registered legislative members and staff. The American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries listserv is available to any registered legislative member or staff and is used primarily for answering parliamentary and legislative issue questions that have been encountered in other states. Please remember that when sending and/or responding to a question on the ASLCS listserv, any person registered to use the ASLCS listserv will be able to view your inquiry and/or message.


How Do I Subscribe?

  1. Send an email to: Holly South, NCSL's liaison to ASLCS.

  2. Write the following in the subject line of the message: SUBSCRIBE - ASLCS LISTSERV.

  3. In the body of the email message, please include your name, title, office/chamber, address, phone number and email address.

That's all it takes. You'll receive a welcome message that provides instructions on how to send email to the list. It's a good idea to save those instructions.

We look forward to meeting you in our email listserv!

Last revised March 2017

For more information about ASLCS, contact: Holly South, NCSL Liaison to ASLCS.