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The Official Newsletter of ASLCS

The official ASLCS newsletter, the Legislative Administrator, brings the latest and most important news to members of the Society, including meeting minutes, states information, and member updates.

The newsletter is produced three times a year by the members of the Legislative Administrator Committee. All recent issues are available online in PDF format. Some older issues are available only in print copies and may be obtained by contacting the ASLCS Liaison.


Fall 2022

This issue features photos and committee updates from the NCSL Legislative Summit in Denver; Legislative Staff Achievement Award winners Jay Braxton and Tim Sekerak; state capitol photos and fun facts; and reports from Associate Exchange Program participants Gretchen Overbey and Daniel Loyd.

Summer 2022

This issue features reports from Associate Exchange Program participants Misty Greene and Sean Sukol; profiles of retiring members Brad Hendrickson (Wash.) and Jim McElroy (N.C.); legislative staff shoutouts; a tribute to long-serving staff in the California State Assembly; plus committee minutes and photos from the 2022 Spring Business Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Spring 2022

In this issue: a message from ASLCS President Brad Young; committee minutes from the 2021 PDS in Portland, Maine; and a photo gallery from the conference.


COVID-19 Issue

This issue features a photo gallery of chambers operations during to the pandemic, profiles of new members, and retirement tributes from Wisconsin to Patrick Fuller of the Assembly and Jeff Renk of the Senate.


Fall 2019

Highlighted in this issue are the Professional Development Seminar in Seattle, the Joint-Canadian Meeting in Concord, New Hampshire, and an Associate Exchange Program report from Jay Jacobs of the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Summer 2019

Highlighted in this issue are the Spring Business Meeting in Jackson Hole and Wisconsin Senate Staff Clerk Jeff Beighley's account of his Associate Exchange visit to the Alaska Legislature.

Spring 2019

Relive the 2018 ASLCS PDS in Madison through President Pat Harris's letter, standing committee minutes, and plenty of wonderful photos. This issue of the redesigned Administrator also contains an article by Barrett Dudley on the Arkansas House of Representatives renovation, Heshani Wijemanne's "True Confessions of a LSMI Attendee," plus a tribute to longtime ASLCS friends Jane and Flip Richards. 


Fall 2018

Read a tribute to Bernard Brady, secretary of the Delaware Senate, who is retiring after 39 years with the General Assembly. Also in this issue: Legislative Staff Achievement Award winners Yolanda Dixon and Susan Furlong, Barrett Dudley's visit to the California Senate through the Associate Exchange Program, and a look back at the NCSL Legislative Summit in Los Angeles. 

Summer 2018

This issue includes Brittany Yunker Carlson's Associate Exchange at the California Senate; photos and minutes from the Spring Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina; the Virginia House's dramatic election; and a tribute to Flip Richards by Denise Weeks and Deb Deller.

Spring 2018

In this issue: Highlights from the 2017 PDS in Phoenix, including photos, business meeting and committee minutes, and incoming President Robert Haney's remarks at the State Dinner; holiday cheer at the Idaho State Capitol; a look at California's Legislature, "then and now";  and ASLCS scholarship and award opportunities. 


Fall 2017

Highlighted in this issue are ASLCS activities at the NCSL Legislative Summit in Boston, including the 2017 Legislative Staff Achievement Award winners and committee minutes. Read about changes at the Virginia General Assembly, and review ASLCS scholarship opportunities!

Summer 2017

In this issue: Erin Gillitzer's Associate Exchange Program experience at the Louisiana House of Representatives; State at a Glance reports from Colorado and Tennessee; committee and business meeting minutes from the 2017 Spring Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri; and photos from Kansas City.

Spring 2017

In this issue: committee and business meeting minutes from the 2016 PDS in Boise; David Byerman's reflections on his move from secretary of the Nevada Senate to director of Kentucky's Legislative Research Council; a tribute to retiring North Carolina Principal Clerk Denise Weeks; awards, scholarships, and professional development opportunities available to members; and photos from Boise.


Fall 2016

In this issue: committee and business meeting minutes from the 2016 Legislative Summit in Chicago, an article about the restoration of the Kansas Senate and House, an in-depth look at Lake Tahoe, a write-up of Joyce Wright’s visit to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and photos and announcements of award winners from the NCSL 2016 Legislative Summit in Chicago.

Summer 2016

Get a full rundown of the ASLCS Spring Business Meeting in Alexandria. Also included in this issue: an article about a famous Montana masterpiece, a write up about the Missouri Capitol Masquerade Ball, introductions of new Clerks and Secretaries, and a description of the 2015 Joint Canadian-American Clerks Conference.

Spring 2016

Read all about Ali Sagraves’ experience working with the Virginia Senate as part of ASLCS’ Associate Exchange Program and catch a recap of last fall’s PDS in Raleigh!


Fall 2015
Read a touching tribute to Nancy McMullen by Suzi Lowell and find out what's new with former ASLCS colleagues in this issue's "Where Are They Now?" feature!

Summer 2015
Meet the 13 new principal clerks and secretaries in Arizona, California, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Spring 2015
See Debbie Bedard Ward's tribute to Millie MacFarland and read about NCSL's new liaison to ASLCS, Jeanne Mejeur.


Fall 2014
Don't miss articles about our 2014 award recipients and photos from the NCSL Summit in Minneapolis.

Summer 2014
Read about members' exchange experiences in Virginia and Alaska, and find tributes to revered member McDowell Lee.

Spring 2014
Learn more about technological advances in some chambers and read letters from the latest version of "Ask Mr. Mason."


Fall 2013
Test your state capitol and legislature knowledge. See page 33 of this edition. Are these stories fact or fiction?

Summer 2013
Read about the ASLCS 70th anniversary celebrations in this anniversary issue.

Spring 2013
Be sure to see this edition, especially if you have any questions about Mason's Manual. Mr. Mason answers commonly asked questions.


Summer 2012
See this issue for various items about ASLCS members and States at a Glance

Spring 2012
Check out the Study program conducted by the Parliamentary Officers.


Fall 2011
Does the "shoe fit?" See this edition for Catherine Hooe's article about her experience in Branson, Mo.

Summer 2011
See the press release about Paul Nardo's election and the piece about Where Are They Now?

Spring 2011
Check out the tribute to Bruce Jamerson and read about the memoriam of Edward Burdick and Raymond Colley.


Summer 2010
Read the States-At-A-Glance: Illinois and Open Data / Open Government: New York Government.


Summer 2009
Check out the Associate Exchange Program in this issue.

Spring 2009
In this issue you can read about National News from LSCC, Wearable Art and A brief history of state capitols.

Winter 2009
You can see a couple of articles, Landmarks, Beyond the Call - Ready to Serve.


Summer 2008
Read about the Associate Exchange Program and States At a Glance.

Spring 2008
See the articles on the Invitation - 2008 Walk for Wellness and Landmarks.

Winter 2008
Read about State Capitols and Technology pages in this issue.


Summer 2007
A hard copy may be obtained by contacting the NCSL Liaison to ASLCS.

Spring 2007
A hard copy may be obtained by contacting the NCSL Liaison to ASLCS.

Winter 2007
Check out the information on Pre/Post Election Partisan Composition.


Summer 2006
Check out the Farewells and the Clerks-at-the-Table in Canada.

Spring 2006
See this issue of Photo Montage and ANZACAT article.

Winter 2006
A hard copy may be obtained by contacting the NCSL Liaison to ASLCS.


Summer 2005
Check out the 2005 ANOMAC Meeting and Photo Essays from several cities.

Spring 2005
See the information about the 2004 Boston-Photo Essay pages and the Special Recognition.

Winter 2005
Read about the Joint Canadian-American Conference and the Diary of a Pin Champion.


Summer 2004
See the memorial about William Lear.

Spring 2004
Check out the Society Updates in this issue and read about the 5th PDS for ANZACAT.

Winter 2004
See the retirement news and tribute to Mr. Ed Burdick.


Summer 2003
Check out the LSMI Article and Jeff Finch's Birthday Layout.

Spring 2003
Read the Heustis article

Winter 2003
See the article about the 60th anniversary of ASLCS.


Summer 2002
Check out these—"From Geoducks to Catfish; and "Northwest Expedition: Portland, Oregon.

Spring 2002
You can read about the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City and catch the Insanity of Adulthood article.

Winter 2002
See the Beek Award article and read about the Dome on the Plains.


Summer 2001
A hard copy may be obtained by contacting the NCSL Liaison to ASLCS.

Spring 2001
See the article about Nebraska Capitol Restoration.

Winter 2001
Read the article, "Sally Says Thanks."


Fall 2000
Check out the African Parliamentary Study Workshop.

Summer 2000
Read about Stories of Interest in this issue.

Spring 2000
Check out the State to State article.


Spring 1999
Relive the Winter and Spring Meetings, review the hot topics on the ASLCS listserv, and read about updates to the Kansas and Virginia Capitols.

Summer 1999
Meet the new members of ASLCS! Plus a report from the Legislative Staff Management Institute and getting ready for Y2K.

Fall 1999


Winter 1993/Spring 1994
Read profiles of ASLCS's 1993 award winners, plus highlights from the 1993 PDS in Santa Fe and news from legislative chambers around the country.

Summer 1994
A tribute to the late Jim Chandler, clerk of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, and profiles of the new prinicipal clerks and secretaries.

Fall 1994
A look back at the Summer Meeting at the NCSL Legislative Summit in New Orleans and the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Clerks-at-the-Table, as well as a look ahead to the PDS in Monterey, California.