ASLCS Executive Committee Minutes Oct-5-2014


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Baton Rouge, La.
Oct. 5, 2014

Call to Order

Suzi Lowell (AK), ASLCS President, called the meeting of the Executive Committee to order.


The following members of the committee were present:


Suzi Lowell (AK)


Cheryl Laube (AZ)


Russell Humphrey (TN)


Sandy Tenney (UT)


Susan Furlong (NV)


Maryann Horch (VA)


Janice Gadd (UT)


Scott Caffey (TX)


Susan Kannarr (KS)


Karen Wadsworth (NH)


William “Bill” MaGill (VT)


Scott Kaiser (IL)


Also present were David Byerman (NV), Larry Morandi, NCSL, and Angela Andrews, NCSL liaison to ASLCS.

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Sandy Tenney (UT), seconded by Susan Kannarr (KS), the minutes of the Aug. 21, 2014, Minneapolis meeting were approved.     

Upon motion of Karen Wadsworth (NH), seconded by Bill Magill (VT), the minutes of the June 9, 2014, teleconference meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Reports

  • Susan Furlong (NV) reviewed the Revised Treasurer’s Report of August 21, 2014, which reflected an ending balance of $41,864.32.  She noted the following revisions:  (1) a deposit of $390 made by NCSL staff on Aug. 15, and (2) the removal of Check No. 1160 to Steve Marshall, who submitted a revised claim for reimbursement of travel costs for the CATTS meeting.  On a motion by Russell Humphrey (TN), seconded by Janice Gadd (UT), the Revised Treasurer’s Report for Aug. 21, 2014, was approved.  
  • Susan Furlong (NV) reviewed the Treasurer’s Report of Oct. 5, 2014, which reflected an ending balance of $30,888.00.  On a motion by Cheryl Laube (AZ), seconded by Maryann Horch (VA), the Treasurer’s Report of Oct. 5, 2014, was approved.  
  • Russell Humphrey asked if the Executive Committee had ever reviewed the year-over-year balance in the Dues Account to determine how much it fluctuated.  Susan Furlong said there was a difference of approximately $1,600 from last year’s ending balance and the ending balance for the current term.  Responding to a question from Scott Caffey, Angela Andrews said she anticipated the PDS would generate a profit.  Profit from a PDS is usually deposited into the Professional Development Revolving Account.  
  • Larry Morandi, Director of State Policy Research, NCSL, provided an update on NCSL and Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC) activities.  Two of the Society’s members serve on the NCSL Executive Committee:  Ann Cornwall (AR) and Lisa Davis (MS).  In addition, Russell Humphrey (TN), Susan Furlong (NV), and Nathan Hatfield (VA) serve on the LSCC, Nathan as one of Staff Chair Peggy Piety’s discretionary appointments.  
  • Mr. Morandi reported that attendance reached its lowest point in 20 years at the Minneapolis Legislative Summit.  Five focus groups, two comprised from legislative staff, have been formed to provide candid, confidential feedback on what steps are necessary to make the annual meeting more relevant to new professionals.  Increasing participation within staff sections that are struggling is a priority.  

Old Business

Angela Andrews, NCSL, reviewed the status of the following ASLCS financial accounts:

  • Special Meetings Fund (L190 Account).  The balance of the account was $263,705.39.  Susan Schaar (VA) and Paul Nardo (VA) raised $1,000 in new revenue, bringing Virginia’s total fund raising for the Baton Rouge PDS to $6,250.  
  • Expenditures included $3,885 for the business lunch at the Legislative Summit in Minneapolis and $1,201.06 for Ms. Andrews’ site visit to Baton Rouge.  As reported in August, IRC donated $3,000 for the Minneapolis business lunch.  Ms. Andrews explained that when the Society accepts a credit card contribution or dues payment, a usage fee is applied based on the amount charged.  Credit card usage fees for the Minneapolis meeting were $43.37; additional fees of $6.57 had been incurred since that time, for a total of $49.94 in credit card usage fees for the year to date.  There was also a pending expenditure of $1,000 for the deposit to the Marriott Raleigh for the 2015 PDS.
  • Professional Development Revolving Account (LLCS).  The current balance is $9,643.71.  Ms. Andrews explained that profits from the Society’s professional development seminars are deposited to the Professional Development Revolving Account.  Professional development activities for Society members and speaking fees for the PDS speakers are paid out of this account.  There were no new deposits to the account since the Executive Committee’s last meeting.  Expenditures consisted of the following speaking fees for the 2014 PDS:  $4,000 to Karen Cortell Reisman, $7,500 to James Carville, and $7,500 to Mary Matalin.  
  • Ms. Andrews observed that in December, the Executive Committee would likely need to approve a $1,500 transfer from the Special Meetings Fund (L190 Account) to the Professional Development Revolving Account to pay $750 to each of the Ed Burdick scholarship recipients who attended the PDS, Erin Gillitzer (WI) and Jacquelyn Delight (CA).  She reminded the Committee that Thompson Reuters initially gave the Society a lump sum of $4,500 to fund the Ed Burdick scholarship for three years.  At the time, the Executive Committee decided to deposit the money into the interest-bearing L190 Account and to transfer money to the LLCS account, which does not earn interest, as the scholarships were awarded.  This is the third year of the Thompson Reuters-sponsored scholarship.  Ms. Andrews said she planned to contact Thompson Reuters to determine its interest in continuing to sponsor the scholarship program.  
  • Baton Rouge Meeting Budget.  Ms. Andrews explained that all registration fees are deposited to the meeting budget.  General expenses of the PDS are paid out of the Meeting Budget, and any profits are returned to the Society.  When the budget was approved in May, Ms. Andrews estimated $11,000 in contributions would support the budget; actual contributions were $20,500.  She encouraged the members to thank the sponsors for their generous support.  She anticipated the Society would make a profit on the meeting.  

New Business

  • Ms. Andrews reminded the Committee that the budget approved at the May meeting was based on 195 registrations: 150 legislative staff, 25 guests, and 20 complimentary registrations.  Actual registrations as of September 30, 2014, included 178 legislative staff, or 28 above the number budgeted, at $325 each.  In addition, there were 21 guest registrations at $195 each, 3 business registrations at $500 each, and 21 complimentary registrations.  She noted complimentary registrations included four international guests, seven contributors, five faculty, the NCSL Staff Chair, and four NCSL staff.  By tradition, one complimentary registration is given for each $1,000 contributed to the meeting.  A final list of registrations would be provided in December.
  • Continuing, Ms. Andrews reported that 817 room nights had been booked with the Hilton Baton Rouge as of Sept. 29, 2014, well above the attrition threshold of 615 room nights.  The Hotel Indigo agreed to provide overflow rooms at $139 per night without requiring a contract.
  • David Byerman (NV) reviewed highlights of the Facebook Group pilot project, including its uses, benefits, management, and future growth opportunities.  The Committee discussed at length management of the Facebook Group, including how to address content that a Society member may find inappropriate and the process for authenticating authorized users.  Mr. Byerman said Facebook Group administrators would have responsibility for auditing authorized users upon publication of the new Roster.  Further, the Committee discussed the potential to post a link to The Legislative Administrator after the publication is delivered to the members and posted to NCSL’s website.  
  • On motion of Russell Humphrey (TN), seconded by Bill Magill (VT), the Executive Committee approved a change in the status of the Society’s Facebook Group from temporary to permanent, subject to annual evaluation by the Executive Committee.  
  • The Committee discussed a proposal from the Roster Committee to categorize the membership of a person whose dues are paid but who no longer works for a legislative chamber.  To cover the variety of scenarios that could occur when a person leaves legislative service, the Roster Committee proposed that such individuals be treated as former members for purposes of the Roster.  
  • President Lowell reported that the Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee had been working hard but was not ready to present its recommendations to the Executive Committee.  The Committee will submit its recommendations to the next Executive Committee.  
  • The Committee discussed an appropriate memorial contribution for Millie MacFarland, Clerk of the Maine House of Representatives.  Mr. Humphrey opined the $100 memorial contribution provided for in the Standing Orders was inadequate recognition of the passing of a sitting clerk or secretary of Ms. MacFarland’s stature.  Maryann Horch (VA) suggested the memorial contribution should be increased when a clerk or secretary who is actively serving at the time of his or her death also previously served as President of the Society.  
  • On motion of Karen Wadsworth (NH), seconded by Cheryl Laube (AZ), the Executive Committee suspended Section VIII.C.2 of the Standing Orders pertaining to memorial contributions.  
  • On motion of Karen Wadsworth (NH), seconded by Cheryl Laube (AZ), the Executive Committee approved a memorial contribution of $500 in honor of Millie MacFarland, Clerk of the Maine House of Representatives and Past President of the Society.
  • Russell Humphrey (TN) asked the Executive Committee to recommend to the next Executive Committee that it amend the Standing Orders to allow a memorial contribution of up to $500 for a sitting principal clerk or secretary who passes while in office and who also served as President of the Society.  
  • Russell Humphrey (TN) announced that the President and Executive Committee Guide would be distributed as soon as it was updated.  
  • Angela Andrews asked the Committee to welcome Deb Parker, who is new to NCSL and ASLCS.  
  • Cheryl Laube (AZ) announced she would be retiring in late January or early February.    


Upon a motion by Karen Wadsworth (NH), seconded by Janice Gadd (UT), the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Furlong (NV)