2015 ASLCS PDS Tours

Sept. 20-25, 2015 | Raleigh, N.C.

Optional Tours at the 2015 ASLCS Fall Seminar

Our hoNorth Carolina State Capitolsts with the North Carolina House of Representatives have arranged for three optional tours during the PDS. Please consider using Tuesday afternoon to explore Raleigh’s historic and cultural treasures. We know that whether your adventure includes historical structures, innovative museums, academic institutions or interaction with cutting-edge technology, you will enjoy yourself.


  • Admission for the tours is free and space is limited.
  • Tour registration deadline: Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2015 (CLOSED)
  • All tours are on Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 22, and will leave from the hotel following the Business Meeting and Luncheon.
  • Space for the Technology tour and the University Athletics tour is limited to 50 participants each
  • Check at the NC Desk onsite at registration for availability


State Capitol and Museums Tour

An 1840 Greek revival architectural masterpiece, the State Capitol is the heart of Raleigh and the pulse of the State. Its majesty is not defined by scale but by its commanding elegance at the center of a dynamic and rapidly growing city. One of the few southern capitols to be spared the ravages of the Civil War, the grand oaks continue to anchor the capitol square providing a picturesque setting of North Carolina's past, present, and future.

Raleigh is known as the "Smithsonian of the South" because of its numerous free museums. The North Carolina Museum of History was founded in 1902 but is so much more than a repository for state artifacts.  It is an entity that focuses on the events and lifestyles of today's North Carolinians in relation to those from its past, but more identifiably, for those of its future.  Included in this visit is the rare opportunity to participate in a special behind the scenes tour of the facility. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is the largest of its kind in the Southeast and is the most visited museum in the state.  While in the area, be sure to take some time to observe one of our most iconic landmarks – the Daily Planet.  Attendees of this tour will receive a 15% percent discount at the 2 gift stores in the Science Museum and 1 in the History Museum.

Technology Tour

North Carolina State University's (NCSU) Centennial Campus is a self-sustained "city" testing everything from smart grid deployment to advanced transportation technologies and human powered health monitors. Housed within the stylish glass buildings are the ideas and collaborations that fuel economic growth and innovation. Observe the "bookbot robotic delivery system" at the Hunt Library, tour the groundbreaking ASSIST institute for self-powered monitoring devices, and visit with legal industry specialist LexisNexis. The campus houses a wide variety of labs that will leave you with the indelible impression that North Carolina is emerging as a global leader in hi-tech advancement and the education of tomorrow's leaders.

University Athletics Tour

With a view like no other, experience the legendary Carter-Finley Stadium from NCSU's Vaughn Towers. This breathtaking vantage point is sure to help you fully witness the amenities of Division I college sports. NCSU recently finished construction on a full-size, state-of-the-art indoor football training facility and we are offering our guests an opportunity for a behind the scenes look at where our athletes become the best. Included in the package is a stop at the PNC Arena—a multifunctional facility hosting some of the biggest performers and most talented athletes in the nation. Come learn more about how one of the biggest venues in the region accommodates over a million visitors yearly and seamlessly transitions from one event to the next.