2014 (October) Technology Committee Meeting Minutes


American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

Baton Rouge, LA
Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014

Call to Order

The meeting of the Technology Committee was called to order by Vice Chair Dana Miller at 2:30 p.m.


The following members of the committee were present:


Brad Metcalf (KY), Chair


Denise Weeks (NC)


Joy Engelby (MO), Vice Chair


Stephen R. Arias (NM)


Dana Rademan Miller (MO), Vice Chair


David Byerman (NV)


Crystaline Jones (AK)


Matthew Baker (NV)


Tim Kehoe (CT)


James Goulding (OR)


Bob Ward (FL)


Ann Marie Brown (TN)


John Hollman (IL)


Joe McCord (TN)


Tim Mapes (IL)


Alan Whittington (TN)


Michael Menszer (LA)


Jeff Renk (WI)


Emily White (MO)




Other members/guests in attendance included Bonnie Alexander (ID), Londi Ensor (AK), Maryann Horch (VA), Ann Krekelberg (AK), Amy Leach (CA), Timothy Taycher (NV), and Ellen Thompson (WY).

Approval of Minutes

Upon the motion of Bob Ward (FL), and seconded by MaryAnn Horch (VA), the minutes from the Aug.19, 2014, meeting at the NCSL Legislative Summit in Minneapolis, MN were approved.

Old Business

Russell Humphrey (TN), ASLCS president-elect, introduced himself and welcomed all members.

  • David Byerman (NV) provided the group with an update on the ASLCS Facebook group. The page has surpassed all expectations. The initial goal was to have 50 prior to the PDS in Baton Rouge, LA with a stretch goal of 100 members. The stretch goal was surpassed with a total of 104 ASLCS members participating at the beginning of the PDS. An additional 12 signed up at the Legislative Expo and four more potential members are pending. Since participation in the closed group is limited to dues-paying members, it has encouraged two retired members to renew their ALSCS membership. David reminded the committee that this was the first PDS where the Facebook group was live and the popularity of the site was growing daily. The page was initially authorized to be a pilot project and has been approved to become permanent, to be revisited yearly. The committee needs to appoint an administrator for the Facebook group for the process of approving content and verifying new member requests. Maryann Horch (VA) nominated Tim Taycher (NV) for administrator, which motion was unopposed.
  • Amy Leach (CA) suggested making a state-a-week post or challenge thread. Amy mentioned the Living Well at Work session as a potential starting point and having a state post a challenge to themselves, update their progress at the end of the week, then tag another state to start a challenge.
  • Vice Chair Dana Miller (MO) suggested the committee purge the Facebook group yearly of inactive members of the society. Members of the group must be on the roster and be an active dues paying member of the society.

New Business

  • There was discussion concerning revisiting the video specifications for the e-Learning Channel the society has on YouTube. The current standards were adopted in May 2012 and should be updated every 2-3 years to keep up with advancing technology. A work group was formed to review and update the current specifications. Members of the workgroup are: Vice Chair Joy Engelby (MO), James Goulding (OR), Amy Leach (CA), and Emily White (MO). There are currently 15 videos on the channel, and the committee will begin promoting the videos one at a time on the Facebook group page. MaryAnn Horch (VA) suggested a challenge video in which the winners of the challenge would be announced at each PDS.
  • Vice Chair Dana Miller (MO) brought forward potential topics for next year’s PDS in Raleigh, NC. Topics include:
    • Archiving and reference formats for preserving institutional knowledge (including scanning documents and other ideas)
    • Social media topics including updated technologies and policies
  • David Byerman (NV) advised that Program Development Committee may introduce the idea of having each committee identify an extra topic to present and then asking registrants to vote on which topic they would like to hear, and see which one wins the poll. That committee would then have the potential to present on two topics.


Motion to adjourn was made by David Byerman (NV) and was passed with no opposition.

Respectfully submitted,
Joy Engelby (MO), Vice Chair