2014 (May) Technology Committee Meeting Minutes


American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

Nashville, Tenn.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Call to Order

The meeting of the Technology Committee was called to order by Jim Schratz (Ark.), chair.


The following members of the committee were present:


Jim Schratz (Ark.), Chair


Rob Hunt (Maine)


Johnye Bennett (Va.), Vice-Chair


Steve Arias (N.M.)


Dana Rademan Miller (Mo.), Vice-Chair


David Byerman (Nev.)


Crys Jones (Alaska)


Brad Young (Ohio)


Londi Ensor (Alaska)


Robert Haney (Texas)


Ann Krekelberg (Alaska)


Maryann Horch (Va.)


Brian Ebbert (Calif.)


Rose Ramsey (Va.)


Tim Kehoe (Conn.)


Bernard Dean (Va.)


Bob Ward (Fla.)


Sarah Burhop (Wis.)


Bonnie Alexander (Idaho)


Rachel Veum (Wis.)


Tim Mapes (Ill.)


Lee Cassis (W.Va.)


John Hollman (Ill.)


Sam Rowe (W.Va.)


Angela Smith (La.)


Mick Bailey (W.Va.)


Michael Menszer (La.)




Other members/guests in attendance included Scott Kaiser (Ill.).

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting held Oct. 12, 2013, during the Professional Development Seminar, in Sacramento, Calif., were approved.

Old Business

David Byerman (Nev.) reviewed the ASLCS Facebook Content Review Policy that has been submitted to the Executive Committee; the goal is that it will be fully implemented by the Professional Development Seminar.

Chair Jim Schratz (Ark.) suggested that the poster of content deemed necessary to be deleted should be informed first. He then recognized President Suzi Lowell (Alaska) who thanked the committee for its work thus far.

The committee then discussed various aspects of the proposed ASLCS Facebook Content Review Policy with particular emphasis on the fact that the ASLCS Facebook group is a closed group and thus access and content will be monitored by a group administrator of which there are three: the ASLCS president or their designee, the chair of the Technology Committee or their designee, and the NCSL senior policy specialist.

Upon a motion by Bonnie Alexander (Idaho) to endorse the ASLCS Facebook Content Review Policy with the caveat that the poster of content to be removed be contacted, seconded by Maryann Horch (Va.), the policy was endorsed.

New Business

The committee then discussed the upcoming PDS and whether it would sponsor a booth at the Legislative Expo and offer a concurrent session.

Maryann Horch (Va.) suggested that the committee could offer a session during which there were five-minute presentations spotlighting technology. For instance, Virginia could do so with its new electronic bill process. She also suggested a “low tech” session.

Scott Kaiser (Ill.) suggested that there could be a concurrent session that focuses on innovative technology, such as the time and leave keeping system used in Illinois. He also suggested that the Technology Committee could sponsor a booth at the Legislative Expo that highlighted the new ASLC Facebook page.

David Byerman (Nev.) suggested that there could be a member choice session. He also noted that two new e-learning videos have been posted.


Upon a motion by Scott Kaiser (Ill.), seconded by David Byerman (Nev.), the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Crystaline Jones (Alaska)