2014 (May) Spring Business Meeting Minutes


American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

Nashville, Tenn.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Call to Order

The business meeting of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries was called to order by Suzi Lowell, clerk of the Alaska House of Representatives and the ASLCS president. A quorum was present.

Committee Reports

Bylaws and Standing Orders

Chair Patsy Spaw (Texas) reported the committee discussed the process for updating the Standing Orders and posting the most current version to the ASLCS webpage. The committee will create a flow chart documenting each step of the process, from proposed revision through approval, posting and archiving.

At the direction of President Lowell, the committee plans to review its responsibilities as outlined in the Standing Orders and compare those to the committee’s current charge. In addition, the committee plans to propose certain revisions to the Standing Orders to ensure consistency in style throughout the document. The committee anticipates the document will be ready for review by the Executive Committee at the NCSL Summit in August.

Inside the Legislative Process

Chair Norma Chastain (Ariz.) reported the committee discussed the current survey regarding consent calendars. The deadline for submitting survey responses to Brenda Erickson (NCSL) is May 23. Committee members will be contacting chambers that have not yet responded to the survey.

Site Selection

Vice Chair Alan Whittington (Tenn.) reported the committee is looking forward to the professional development seminar (PDS) in Baton Rouge, La., in October. The committee is open to ideas and suggestions for a site for the 2016 PDS.


Chair Jim Schratz (Ariz.) reported the committee worked last year to create a closed Facebook page for ASLCS members. Pending Executive Committee approval, this page will be rolled out to members as a gathering place to share information.

The committee also discussed potential topics for a concurrent session at the Baton Rouge PDS along with ideas for the legislative expo if one is held this year.

International Communication and Development

Chair Jay Braxton reported the International Directory should be released in August. The committee will be hosting a concurrent session on customs and traditions at the 2014 PDS in Baton Rouge.

Legislative Administrator

Chair David Byerman (Nev.) reported production of the Legislative Administrator is a partnership effort between the Nevada Senate and Virginia. New this year is the distribution of copies of the Legislative Administrator to all attendees of the spring meeting.

Membership and Communication

Chair Ruby Johnson (La.) reported the committee reviewed the survey results from the Sacramento PDS. Survey respondents expressed a desire for more information. The chair also noted the importance of distributing the new attendee survey earlier in the PDS.

The committee discussed an icebreaker for the 2014 PDS and asked ASLCS President Lowell to pin the new members at this year’s seminar. The committee also explored ways to improve participation in the new member sponsorship program.

Support Staff

Chair Lisa Davis (Miss.) reported that 11 states participated in the Associate Exchange Program. Four of the five applicants who applied for the program were accepted.

The committee also discussed potential topics for a concurrent session at the 2014 PDS. Chair Davis created a flyer highlighting members’ experiences with the legislative expo. Distribution of the flyer before the PDS could generate interest in the expo among the members.

Canadian-American Relations

Vice Chair Ann Cornwell (Ark.) noted the committee’s primary charge is to identify a location for the 2015 Canadian-American meeting. Chair Marshall has mentioned New Mexico and Illinois as possible meeting sites, but if neither of these locations is viable, the committee will consider a no-host state.

Information regarding the Canadian-American Exchange Program is outlined on pages 8 and 9 of the spring 2014 edition of the Legislative Administrator. Two scholarships are available this year, and July 1 is the deadline for submission of applications. The committee welcomes suggestions to promote the program.

Professional Journal

Committee member Rose Ramsey (Va.) noted that the deadline for submission of articles for the Professional Journal is July 1, 2014.

Program Development

Chair Liz Clark (Alaska) reported the committee is considering potential plenary speakers for the 2014 PDS and anticipates a final decision will be made by the end of May. Committee discussion focused on concurrent sessions and included a suggestion to use the proposed ASLCS closed Facebook page to crowd source member input regarding potential topics for a Technology Committee concurrent session. She encouraged the members to share their ideas for concurrent sessions with the committee.


Co-Chair Crys Jones (Alaska) reported that Alaska is reviewing the InDesign software used to create the Roster & Reference Guide. Roster update forms will be sent to the members soon. The 2014-2015 Roster & Reference Guide will be spiral-bound this year


On motion of Karen Wadsworth (N.H.), seconded by Crys Jones (Alaska), President Lowell adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Furlong (Nev.)