2014 (May) Canadian-American Relations Committee Meeting Minutes


American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

Nashville, Tenn.
May 3, 2014

Call to Order

The meeting of the Canadian-American Relations Committee was called to order by Ann Cornwell (AR), vice chair.


The following members of the committee were present:


Steve Marshall (VT), Chair


Sherry Rodriguez (NV)


Bo Hoover (WV), Vice Chair


Ann-Marie Sweeney (PA)


Ann Cornwell (AR), Vice Chair


Russell Humphrey (TN)


Liz Clark (AK)


Alan Whittington (TN)


Dave Avant (AL)


Chris Griesel (TX)


Pat Harris (AL)


Robert Haney (TX)


Joyce Wright (AL)


Patsy Spaw (TX)


Tim Kehoe (CT)


Sandy Tenney (UT)


JoAnne Hedrick (DE)


Janice Gadd (UT)


Tracy Cantella (FL)


Ginny Edwards (UT)


Brad Bolin (IL)


Nathan Hatfield (VA)


John Hollman (IL)


John McE. Garrett (VA)


Brad Metcalf (KY)


Bernard Dean (WA)


Donna Robinson Holiday (KY)


Brad Hendrickson (WA)


Butch Speer (LA)


Hunter Goodman (WA)


Millie MacFarland (ME)


Greg Gray (WV)


Darek M. Grant (ME)


Sam Rowe (WV)


Denise Weeks (NC)


Robert Altman (WV)


Steve Arias (NM)


Mick Bailey (WV)

Other members: Polly Emerson (TX).

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Dave Avant (AL), seconded by Butch Speer (LA), the minutes of the last meeting held Oct. 12, 2013, during the Professional Development Seminar in Sacramento, Calif., were approved.

Ann Cornwell (AR) read a message from Chair Marshall (VT) expressing his regret for being unable to attend due to Vermont session.

Old Business

In 2015 the United States will host the Joint Canadian-American Conference and a site has not yet been determined. The possibilities of Santa Fe, NM and Chicago, IL were discussed. Vice Chair Cornwell will discuss these possible sites with Chair Marshall and either she or Chair Marshall will contact Steve Arias (NM) and Scott Kaiser (IL) to follow-up. Ms. Cornwell suggested that Chair Marshall could send an e-mail to ASLCS principals to determine if any other states are interested in hosting. Angela will provide information to the committee on the last several U.S. sites in regards to cost and responsibilities of the host state. The question of holding a no-host meeting was discussed. Angela Andrews (NCSL) explained that the Canadian-American joint meeting is not a NCSL-supported meeting, and there could be technicalities for ASLCS entering into contracts for housing and meeting space if a no-host meeting is the route taken.

The committee discussed ways to continue to promote the Canadian-American Exchange program and to make more ASLCS members aware of the Jane Richards Scholarship to help with offsetting the costs of participating. It was noted that an article appears in the most current Legislative Administrator.


Upon a motion by Denise Weeks (NC), seconded by Sandy Tenney (UT), the meeting was adjourned.