2014 (August) Technology Committee Minutes


American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

Minneapolis, Minn.
Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014

Call to Order

The meeting of the Technology Committee was called to order by Johnye Bennett (Va.).


The following members of the committee were present:


Jim Schratz (Ark.)


Rob Hunt (Maine)


Johnye Bennett (Va.), co-chair


Steve Arias (N.M.)


Dana Rademan Miller (Mo.), co-chair


David Byerman (Nev.)


Crys Jones (Alaska)


Brad Young (Ohio)


Londi Ensor (Alaska)


Robert Haney (Texas)


Ann Krekelberg (Alaska)


Maryann Horch (Va.)


Brian Ebbert (Calif.)


Rose Ramsey (Va.)


Tim Kehoe (Conn.)


Bernard Dean (Wash.)


Bob Ward (Fla.)


Sarah Burhop (Wis.)


Bonnie Alexander (Idaho)


Rachel Veum (Wis.)


Tim Mapes (Ill.)


Lee Cassis (W.V.)


John Hollman (Ill.)


Sam Rowe (W.V.)


Angela Smith (La.)


Mick Bailey (W.V.)


Michael Menszer (La.)



Other members/guests in attendance included Ginny Edwards (Va.), Counsel/Assistant Journal Clerk, Liz Clark (Alaska), Senate Secretary, Yolanda Dixon (La.), First Assistant Secretary.

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by David Byerman (Nev.), seconded by Bonnie Alexander (Idaho), the minutes of the last meeting held May 3, 2014, during the Spring Meeting, in Nashville, Tenn., were approved.

Old Business

David Byerman (Nev.) reviewed the progress of the ASLCS Facebook page, which is a pilot project that will be reviewed during the Professional Development Seminar in Baton Rouge, La. The ASLCS Facebook page already has 85 members. He also reviewed various offerings on the ASLCS Facebook page, including the educational videos and upcoming interactive quizzes. He then mentioned the need to develop a process to purge those ASLCS members who leave the organization from the ASLCS Facebook page, which may require coordination with the Roster Committee.

Maryann Horch (Va.) reviewed ASLCS Facebook postings that have provided valuable information, including those announcements pertaining to the upcoming Professional Development Seminar.

New Business

Johnye Bennett (Va.), co-chair, recognized Suzi Lowell (Alaska), president, who thanked the committee for its work and offered a special thanks to Johnye Bennett (Va.) and Dana Rademan-Miller (Mo.) for taking over the leadership of the committee due to the retirement of Jim Schratz (Ark.).

Johnye Bennett (Va.), co-chair, then reviewed the "Innovative Technology" concurrent session planned for the upcoming Professional Development Seminar in Baton Rouge. The topic/panelist are as follows: Leave Accounting System/Scott Keiser (Ill.); Mobile App/Bob Ward (Fla.); Page Blackboard/Nathan Hatfield (Va.); Co-sponsor "Like" Feature/Joy Engelby (Mo.). The following ideas—cloud computing, kiosks and roll call votes online—were also discussed. Maryann Horch (Va.) suggested the topic of bill automation. David Byerman (Nev.) offered to find a panelist to speak about cloud computing. Crys Jones (Alaska) suggested that perhaps someone from Texas could speak about kiosks. Johnye Bennett (Va.), co-chair, noted that she and Dana Rademan Miller (Mo.), co-chair, plan to have a conference call to finalize the panel. Upon a question by David Byerman (Nev.), Liz Clark (Alaska), chair of the Program Development Committee, said that the voting on sessions would be better to occur during next year's Professional Development Seminar. Suzi Lowell (Alaska), president, suggested that the Facebook page could be showcased to folks during the Legislative Expo and help could be provided to those interested in signing up.


Upon a motion by Maryann Horch (Va.), seconded by Crys Jones (Alaska), the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Crys Jones (Alaska)