2014 (August) Roster Committee Minutes


American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

Minneapolis, Minn.
Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014

Call to Order

The meeting of the Roster Committee was called to order by Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair.


The following members of the committee were present:


Londi Ensor (Alaska), co-chair


Sandi Morris (Ky.)


Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair


Carol Newton (Mo.)


Jackie Shulz (Alaska)


Kathy White (Mo.)


Stephanie Hall (Alaska)


Julie Bochat (Mo.)


Shereen Baker (Calif.)


Dana Miller (Mo.)


Marilyn Eddins (Colo.)


Brad Young (Ohio)


Bob Ward (Fla.)


Johnye Bennett (Va.)


Jennifer Mertz (Ind.)


Rachel Veum (Wis.)


Mary Ann Krol (Ky.)




Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Johnye Bennett (Va.), seconded by Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, the minutes of the last meeting held May 3, 2014, during the Spring Meeting, in Nashville, Tenn., were approved.

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, explained that Londi Ensor (Alaska), co-chair, is consolidating the various spreadsheets used for the roster into one master spreadsheet in order to create efficiency in updates to information. Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, announced that the intent is to email ASLCS members regarding updating roster information within the next couple of weeks and to offer to man a table at the Legislative Expo in order for people to update information during the Professional Development Seminar.

Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, recognized Suzi Lowell (Alaska), President, who thanked members for their work.


Upon a motion by Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, seconded by Johnye Bennett (Va.), the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair