ASLCS Committee Selection Announcement


2015-2016 ASLCS Committee Selection Memorandum


Date:           July 20, 2015

To:               ASLCS Members

From:          Susan Furlong, ASLCS President-Elect, Chief Clerk, Nevada Assembly

Subject:      ASLCS Committee Assignments for 2015-2016

This year’s annual Professional Development Seminar of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) will convene on September 20, 2015, in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The Society is the most active and dynamic of the NCSL staff sections and offers all of us the support and expertise of our colleagues in other states.

As most of you know, the majority of our work is done through the standing committees.  Each year, members of the Society have an opportunity to choose the standing committees they would like to serve on for the coming year.  The terms of office begin at our annual professional development seminar.  It’s now time to make your committee selections for the upcoming term. 

For scheduling purposes, the committees are divided into three categories: A, B, and C.  Please select your two top choices for committee service in each of the three categories.  In addition, please let me know if you are interested in serving as a committee chair or vice chair.  Remember that it is not necessary for you to be able to travel, as much of the work of the committees is done through conference calls and emails.  For your information, I have attached descriptions of the 12 standing committees, along with a committee selection form.  

Please complete and return your committee selection form either online or by email, mail, or fax on or before August 7, 2015.  If you have any questions, please call me.  My address, telephone, fax, and email are:

Susan Furlong, Chief Clerk
Nevada Assembly
Legislative Building, Room 1109
401 South Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775) 684-8556
Fax: (775) 684-8533

  • Online Survey (the survey is now closed)

ASLCS Committee Descriptions

“A” Committees

  • Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee–The purpose of the Committee on Bylaws and Standing Orders is to consider all suggestions for changes in the Society's bylaws, to recommend only those which are absolutely necessary to improve the functioning of the Society, and to protect the bylaws from "whim" changes.
  • Inside the Legislative Process–The Committee on Inside the Legislative Process is charged with reviewing and producing the publication, Inside the Legislative Process. This informational reference document is based on a comprehensive survey of clerks and secretaries. The committee works closely with NCSL to develop the survey questions and record the responses in a format that is easily usable by all legislative units and reflects current legislative process. (two-year appointment)
  • Site Selection Committee–The purpose of the Committee on Site Selection is to investigate a location for the Professional Development Seminar, held each fall. It gives a committee recommendation to the ASLCS Executive Committee, which must vote to approve the committee's choice.
  • Technology Committee–The Committee on Technology explores new technology and examines the adaptation of that technology to the operations of the state legislatures. The committee shares information with Society members through reports and programs at the NCSL Annual Meeting and at the ASLCS Professional Development Seminar. The committee, in accordance with the publication standards for the web site and subject to executive committee approval, provides guidance to the web master regarding design, content, and maintenance of the Society's web site.

“B” Committees

  • International Communication and Development Committee–The Committee on International Communication and Development reviews ASLCS's relationship with countries other than Canada and its role with NCSL in dealing with those countries. The committee receives reports from the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee, works with other NCSL staff sections involved in international relations.
  • Legislative Administrator Committee–The Legislative Administrator is the official newsletter of ASLCS. This publication is the means by which all ASLCS members have an opportunity to share the news of the Society. It contains the minutes from all Executive Committee, standing committee and business meetings as well as other articles about members and state news.
  • Membership and Communication Committee–The purpose of the Committee on Membership and Communication is to strengthen the membership of ASLCS and to improve the Society's ability to share information with its members.
  • Support Staff Committee (Associate Members only)–The purpose of the Committee on Support Staff is to represent the associate members of ASLCS, to strengthen the contribution and participation of associate members, and to ensure programs that address their needs and interests are included in the agendas of ASLCS meetings.

“C” Committees

  • Canadian-American Relations Committee–The purpose of the Committee on Canadian-American Relations is to encourage and maintain a good working relationship with our friends in Canada and to work with the Canadian Association of Clerks-at-the-Table in coordinating the biennial Joint Canadian-American Clerks' Conference. This conference is held in odd-numbered years and is hosted alternately between Canada and the United States. Unlike other Society meetings, the participation in this conference is limited to principal clerks and secretaries or their designated assistant if unable to attend. (two-year appointment)
  • Professional Journal Committee–The purpose of the Committee on a Professional Journal is to publish a journal that will be of interest to legislative staff. Legislatures in the 21st Century: Traditions in Transition is the name of the journal. The journal provides an opportunity for further professional development of Society members by having their work published in a professional journal. Articles on parliamentary procedure, management, technology, and other topics of interest to legislative staff are solicited for inclusion. (two-year appointment)
  • Program Development Committee–The purpose of the Committee on Program Development is to plan the agenda for the ASLCS portion of the NCSL Annual Meeting and to develop the program for the Society's annual Professional Development Seminar.
  • Roster Committee–The purpose of the Roster Committee is to provide a current listing of ASLCS members from the 50 states and U.S. insular possessions and territories. This roster also includes information pertinent to the Society's elected officers, past presidents, honorary members, special award recipients, committees and committee assignments, bylaws, and standing orders. (two-year appointment)


2015-2016 ASLCS COMMITTEE SELECTION FORM - Copy and Fax or Mail







Please indicate the committees on which you would like to serve for 2015-2016. Using the number 1 for your first choice and 2 for your second choice, please list your top two preferences in each committee category–A, B and C.

“A” Committees


Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee


Inside the Legislative Process *


Site Selection Committee


Technology Committee

“B” Committees


International Communication and Development Committee


Legislative Administrator Committee (newsletter)


Membership and Communication Committee


Support Staff Committee (Associate Members only)

“C” Committees


Canadian-American Relations Committee *


Professional Journal Committee *


Program Development Committee


Roster Committee *

* two-year appointments

While the ability to travel to meetings is desirable, ASLCS recognizes that many members have travel restrictions or limitations. These members are not precluded from serving on the committees, as much of the work of the committees is done through conference calls and emails. Members with travel restrictions may also serve as a chair or vice chair, although the ability to travel will be taken into consideration when appointing committee officers.

Are you interested in serving as a committee chair or vice chair? _____ No    _____ Yes       If yes, please indicate on which committee:_____________________________________________

Are you able to travel?  ________No __________Yes

Please return your completed form on or before August 7, 2015, to:

Susan Furlong, Chief Clerk
Nevada Assembly
Legislative Building, Room 1109
401 South Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775) 684-8556
Fax: (775) 684-8533