2013 (October) Roster Committee Meeting Minutes


American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

Sacramento, Calif.
Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013

Call to Order

The meeting of the Roster Committee was called to order by Crys Jones, co-chair.


The following members of the committee were present:


Londi Ensor (Alaska), Co-Chair


Jennifer Mertz (Ind.)


Crys Jones (Alaska), Co-Chair


Dana Miller (Mo.)


Shereen Baker (Calif.)


Sandi Morris (Ky.)


Johnye Bennett (Va.)


Carol Newton (Mo.)


Julie Bochat (Mo.)


Jackie Shulz (Alaska)


Marguerite Duda (W.Va.)


Rachel Veum (Wis.)


Marilyn Eddins (Colo.)


Bob Ward (Fla.)


Stephanie Hall (Alaska)


Kathy White (Mo.)


Mary Ann Krol (Ky.)


Brad Young (Ohio)

Another guest in attendance included Suzi Lowell (Alaska), president-elect.

Londi Ensor (Alaska), co-chair introduced herself and Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair.

Old Business

Londi Ensor (Alaska), co-chair, stated that the committee had not received the new roster or materials yet as it was still in printing. Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, discussed suggestions from the Executive Committee meeting. One suggestion was removing the fax number column in the Roster since facsimile usage is not as common anymore. Another suggestion was organizing the roster by job titles and positions, but a problem with that would be the “Assistant” title and its varied definitions per state. Bob Ward (Fla.) brought up that there is the same problem in the Legislative Directory with titles and working titles. Crys commented we don’t want titles or entries doubled. Londi mentioned in this program’s breakout sessions some were assigned by “Assistant” job title and ended up in the wrong groups. Carol Newton (Mo.) reminded the group that this had also been a problem before.

New Business

In discussion of the roster’s computerized program, Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, stated it was sponsored by ASLCS and could be sent to each state each year. Carol Newton (Mo.) stated that the former program “QUORK” had been phased out and another program was purchased with more universal usage called “INDESIGN”. They found this was a fantastic program but thought it might need to be simplified. The second year they have used it, it works well—the roster is in it and content can be edited. She recommended the Executive Committee purchases the program and sends it out to the assigned state. Then each state would not have to start over again with new programs each year or two. Julie Bochat (Mo.) stated the purchase brings up licensing questions, like would the program have to be licensed from state to state? Dana Miller (Mo.) asked if multiple licenses could be purchased? Crys brought up the possibility of using “Google Docs” program to create the roster, adding that it could be done in house, with support from the resident IT staff, incorporating more people in the process. Crys said either way, we won’t have a decision until Spring because Missouri received [the program?] in January and would have session until April.

Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, introduced Suzi Lowell (Alaska), president-elect. Suzi thanked everyone for their attendance in the committee. She requested that everyone check the standing orders and bylaws for this committee and the online description. She also gave her thanks to Carol Newton (Mo.) for doing this work the last two years as it was a big job. She said Alaska had done it before and volunteered for it again for the next two years.

Dana Miller (Mo.) made a suggestion that the committee could send out sections of the roster to various states for more help, which may be more laborious to get returned back and would require multiple emails. Carol Newton (Mo.) noted the final printing took 12 people and five hours to finish. Stephanie Hall (Alaska) mentioned it might be better to send drafts electronically and then reply after checking it by email. Maybe that could be easier. Julie Bochat (Mo.) asked since we have all these good people with great brains, could we design a similar program of our own for ASLCS? Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, said yes, we could tap into that and attach the document to Google Docs for access for all of us. Londi Ensor (Alaska), co-chair, added that we would all need an instructional guide or manual attached as well. Julie also commented it is good to see the format ahead of time, and would like to know where to send an updated photo.

Carol Newton (Mo.) explained that the first year of the roster was more challenging, the second was easier. They had used lots of features like “photo adding” to make it easier. She thought it might be good to add more people but maybe it would be harder to track, and it would be important if on a shared drive that any users would resave onto the whole document. Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, said Google Docs allows that and lets other users know who is on the document at the same time, which could be easier with it all in one place.

Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, brought up one other topic on the list, asking why not have an electronic version on the ASLCS website? Carol Newton (Mo.) stated this idea was presented in the past to the Executive Committee for approval. Crys asked if that was something we would want to push for approval with the Executive Committee? Stephanie Hall (Alaska) asked if there is any concern for info being privately protected for some people? Carol said that they had used a password to protect all info on various parts of the website. Crys assured that paper and hard copies would be offered still. Carol suggested we could save some expense by loading the roster online since it is more costly to print it and send out to everyone. Crys recapped that Missouri spent $2,500–$3,000 after sending it out to print and binding, including getting it out in the mail. She compared that to Alaska, which could do the printing and binding in House, but where the bigger cost would be postage; the details will be worked out. She asked if there were any more suggestions?

Londi Ensor (Alaska), co-chair, did suggest a mobile app of the roster with a search by name function. Crys Jones (Alaska), co-chair, said ASLCS should have an app already. Julie Bochat (Mo.) commented that would not only save weight in our luggage but that it would also be a good use of innovation. Londi asked if there were any other comments? Crys said the committee would keep in touch.


Upon a motion by Stephanie Hall (Alaska), seconded by Julie Bochat (Mo.), the meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jackie Schulz (Alaska), Acting Recorder