American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) Support Staff Minutes

Spring Meeting
Santa Fe, N.M.
April 19, 2013


Call to Order

In the absence of the Chair Jamie Kruse the meeting of the Support Staff Committee was called to order by committee member Janice Gadd (Utah).


The following members of the committee were present: (Check members present)


Jamie Kruse (Neb.), Chair


Julie Marania (Calif.)


Ann Marie Sweeney (Pa.), Vice Chair


Rosemarie Mastrandrea (Calif.)


Ronald Smith (La.), Vice Chair


Melanie Newby (Va.)


Matthew Baker (Calif.)


Carol Newton (Mo.)


Cindy Benjamin (Nev.)


Tracy Ortiz (Texas)


Johnye Bennett (Va.)


Alysia Peters (Nev.)


Julie A. Bochat (Mo.)


Michelle Poole (N.C.)


David Bowman (Calif.)


Dawn Reese (Pa.)


Sarah Culley (Mo.)


Cooper Roberts (La.)


Jessica Fagan (Calif.)


Paula Rossetto (Calif.)


Jeff Finch (Va.)


David G. Surdez (Minn.)


Janice Gadd (Utah)


Russell Tomas (Calif.)


Virginia Habansky (Va.)


Tricia Vaughn (Va.)


Stephanie Hall (Alaska)


Maureen Wilson (Utah)


Nathan Hatfield (Va.)


Michelle Wright (Va.)


Kathryn Jackson, (Utah)




Mary Ann Krol (Ky.)




 Michael Linn (Minn.)



Other members/guests in attendance included Karen Wadsworth (President ASLCS), (N.H.), Lenore Naranjo (N.M.) and Angela Andrews (NCSL)

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Nathan Hatfield, (Va.), seconded by Paula Rossetto (Calif.), the minutes of the last meeting held Oct. 6, 2012 during the Professional Development Seminar in Richmond Virginia.

Old Business

Janice Gadd (Utah) presented a flyer explaining the Associate Exchange Program (AEP) along with testimonials from past participants.  Nathan Hatfield (Va.) reported that there was only one candidate for this year’s AEP and they were asked to resubmit because of a technical error in a previous year.  Discussed the possible cause/reasons for the lack of participation and what the Committee can do to increase participation.  Angela Andrews (NCSL) explained the timing of the applications where the list of possible host states is first solicited then the request for AEP participants.  Possible suggestions to increase participation were: Move up the timing of the application process to the spring/summer; possible increase in stipend (needs to be approved by the Executive Committee), advertising in the Legislative Administrator, possible concurrent session, and promoting the program at the Legislative Expo in Sacramento.  Further discussion is needed.

New Business

Concurrent Sessions - Two possible session topics for the PDS in Sacramento were discussed.  1.) What I Wish I had Known from the Associates Perspective.   This would be an opportunity for “seasoned” staff to share their perspective and experience coming from the outside to a legislative office and or to the Clerks or Secretaries office or moving with legislative service (i.e from a committee or staff office to the Clerks or Secretaries office).  Also, through Q & A, panelists will share tips and hints to new members of the Society to guide them through their legislative career.   2.) ASLCS Scholarship Opportunities – To discuss all scholarship opportunities available to members and how each one came about.  Possible items of discussion: AEP Program from both the Associate and Host State perspective; The Betty King Scholarship  for the Legislative Staff Management Institute (LSMI); Edward A. Burdick Memorial Scholarship and any other scholarships available for members of the society.  Finding moderators and panelists is ongoing.
Legislative Expo – The Expo this year is slated to take place on Thursday, October 10 from 9:30-11:30 a.m.  All states will be encouraged to participate and bring whatever they would like to showcase.  The Support Staff Committee will have a booth promoting the AEP Program.  On motion of Carol Newton (Mo.), seconded by Paula Rossetto (Calif.), the AEP information flyer (supplied by Chair Jamie Kruse (Neb.) and presented by Janice Gadd (Utah) earlier) was approved.  The flyer will be available at the Expo. 
Break Out Sessions – After much discussion regarding the size of the breakout sessions in Virginia, it was decided by the committee to change up the breakout sessions for the Sacramento PDS and have four breakout sessions.  To ease confusion and give more clarity as to which breakout session members should attend, the following is recommendation of the Support Staff Committee:

  1. Principles  Clerks and Secretaries

  2. Assistant Clerks and Secretaries

  3. Legislative Operations:

    • Journal

    • Calendar/Agenda

    • Engrossing & Enrolling

    • Bill Index and Status

    • Committee Operations

  4. Support Staff:

  • Fiscal Administration, Purchasing

  • Information Technology

  • Support services, Documents Handling, Mail Room Information & Public Relations

  • Facilities Management, Safety and Security.


Upon a motion by Nathan Hatfield (Va.), seconded by Carol Newton (Mo.), the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, Paula Rossetto (Calif.)