American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) Site Selection Minutes

Spring Business Meeting

Santa Fe, NM
Date: April 20, 2013
ASLCS Spring Meeting


Call to Order

The meeting of the Site Selection Committee was called to order by Susan Kannarr, KS, Chair.


The following members of the committee were present:


Susan Kannarr (Kan,), Chair


Ann Luck (N.C.)


Liz Clark (Alaska), Vice-Chair


Julie Marania (Calif.)


Scott Caffey (Texas), Vice-Chair


Steve Marshall (Vt.)


Mary Andrus, (Utah)


Charlotte Mary (Va.)


Jocelyn Acquino (Calif.)


Rosemarie Mastrandrea (Calif.)


Sarah Armistead (Va.)


Carol Newton (Mo.)


Dave Avant (Ala.)


Jennifer Novak (Idaho)


Shereen Baker (Calif.)


Tracy Ortiz (Texas)


Johnye Bennett (Va.)


Neva Parker (Calif.)


Joan Branson (Mo.)


Michele Poole (N.C.)


Norma Chastain (Ariz.)


Cooper Roberts (La.)


Ann Cornwell (Ark.)


Sherry Rodriguez (Nev.)


Sarah Culley (Mo.)


Paula Rossetto (Calif.)


Sandra Daly (Calif.)


Terry Rumley (N.C.)


Yolanda Dixon (La.)


Jackie Scott (Va.)


Marguerite Duda (W.Va.)


Bonnie Trivette (N.C.)


Lourdes Guerra (Texas)


Linda Tubbs (Texas)


Virginia Habansky (Va.)


Jennifer Welch, (Va.)


Stephanie Hall (Alaska)


Kathy White (Mo.)


Pat Harris (Ala.)


Alan Whittington (Tenn.)


Nathan Hatfield (Va.)


Patience Worrell (Texas)


Catherine Hooe (Va.)


Joyce Wright (Ala.)


Ruby Johnson (La.)


Michelle Wright (Va.)


Ann Krekelberg (Alaska)




Mary Ann Krol (Ky.)




Jamie Kruse (Neb.)




Jeannine Layelle (Va.)



Other members/guests in attendance included Leslie Edwards, Ariz.; and Lenore Naranjo, N.M.

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Nathan Hatfield, Va., the minutes of the last meeting held Oct. 6, 2012 during the Professional Development Seminar in Richmond, Va., were approved.

Old Business

Paula Rossetto, Calif., provided the committee with an overview of the upcoming PDS to be held in Sacramento, California. She detailed many exciting activities that are planned including a visit to the nation's largest interactive railroad museum, a day at the Capitol and the host state event at a local winery. She noted state parks would be used as a venue for several events. Paula informed the average temperature is 70 - 100 degrees, with a norm of 80 during the day and cool nights. She advised dressing in layers.

Norma Chastain, Ariz., added the program committee still had some decisions to make but they were well on their way to finalizing a terrific program agenda for Sacramento.

Yolanda Dixon, La., reported that the 2014 PDS site would be New Orleans, 60 miles from Baton Rouge, tentatively set for the first week in October. The temp at this time is generally 70 - 90 with high humidity.

Liz Clark, Alaska, mentioned that Juneau, Alaska would like to host the 2015 PDS. Karen Wadsworth, ASLCS President reminded committee members that Juneau had not been approved by the Executive Committee as a PDS site.

New Business

Chair Kannarr informed the committee that they had been charged with updating and revising the Host State Manual. The committee agreed that comments that had been provided by Angela Andrews, NCSL, and last year’s Site Selection Committee should be included as a first step toward the revision.

Yolanda Dixon, La., offered to work on the introduction to the manual.

Nathan Hatfield, Va. volunteered to lead the review of the Hosted Meetings section of the manual and bring it up to date. Angela Andrews, NCSL, suggested the committee contact Terry Spieler from Missouri for help with the No Host and Hybrid sections of the manual.

Chair Kannarr distributed a proposed new format for the manual (in Microsoft Word) and upon a motion from Yolanda Dixon, La., the committee unanimously accepted the new format.
A version of the host state manual with previous comments incorporated and using the new format will be distributed to committee members by Chair Kannarr for their review.


Upon a motion by Liz Clark, Alaska, and without objection, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Liz Clark, Alaska, Vice Chair.