American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) International Communication and Development Minutes

Spring Business Meeting
Santa Fe, NM
April 20, 2013


Call to Order

The meeting of the International Communications and Development Committee was called to order by Steve Arias (N.M.), committee chair.


The following members of the committee were present:


Steve Arias, Chair (N.M.)


Tim Kehoe (Conn.)


Terry Rumley, Vice-Chair (N.C.)


Joel Kintsel (Okla.)


Bred Metcalf, Vice-Chair (Ky.)


Ann Krekelberg (Alaska)


Jocelyn Acquino (Calif.)


Bill Magill (Vt.)


Dave Avant (Ala.)


Al Mathiowetz (Minn.)


Diane Bell (Fla.)


Steve Marshall (Vt.)


Brad Bolin (Ill.)


Lenore Naranjo (N.M.)


 Jay Braxton (Va.)


Paul Nardo (Va.)


Paul Campos (Wash.)


Rose Ramsey (Va.)


Lee Cassis (W.Va.)


Sherry Rodriguez (Nev.)


Liz Clark (Alaska)


Susan Schaar (Va.)


Lisa Davis (Miss.)


Donna Scott (Ore.)


Bernard Dean (Wash.)


Paul Smith (N.H.)


Brian Ebbert (Calif.)


Butch Speer (La.)


Leann Gallagher (Calif.)


Terry Spieler (Mo.)


John Garrett (Va.)


Sandy Tenney (Utah)


Tisha Geiser (Alaska)


Joyce Wright (Ala.)


Chris Griesel (Texas)


Aldeha Edward-Salvador F.M. Micronesia


Pat Harris (Ala.)




Brad Hendrickson (Wash.)




Donna Holiday (Ky.)




Bo Hoover (W.Va.)




Russell Humphrey (Tenn.)




Susan Furlong (Nev.)




Rob Hunt (Maine)




Steve James (Mass.)



Guests present at the meeting were Deborah Deller (Ontario, Canada) and Brenda Erickson (NCSL).

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Terry Spieler (Mo.) and seconded by Dave Avant (Ala.),  the minutes of the last committee meeting held Oct. 6, 2012, during the ASLCS Professional Development Seminar (PDS) in Richmond, Va., were approved.

Old Business

Chair Steve Arias reported to the committee that he is working on compiling photos, video, and other materials from members who have attended the "Association of Chief Clerks of Mexico's State legislatures and the Federal District of Mexico" (ANOMAC) into a format that can be archived in ASLCS' records. Steve's goal is to complete this project before the PDS which will be held in Sacramento, Calif., this fall.
Additionally, Arias reported that the update to the 2013 International Roster has been completed. The document has been published and is in the process of being distributed to principals in each state.

New Business

Chair Arias reported that he is working on a project with Kathy Wiggins from NCSL to host a reception for international guests at the NCSL Summit in Atlanta this summer. 
Steve also reported that he will be extending an invitation to parliamentary staff from Scotland, Ireland and Wales who may be interested in attending the PDS this fall.
Susan Schaar (Va.) agreed to assist in obtaining staff contact information from these countries and will submit this information to Steve Arias. Deborah Deller from Toronto, Canada, also said she would send contact information for these countries.
Steve Arias also requested input from committee members with regard to his desire to contact staff from legislative bodies in Argentina, Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Spain to extend an invitation to them to attend the PDS in the fall of 2013. Staff from each of these countries participated in the ANOMAC conference in 2012. 
Susan Schaar (Va.) suggested that Steve's communication include an explanation of the background and purpose of ASLCS, along with information regarding the fall 2013 PDS slated to be held in Sacramento. Susan also suggested that the president of ASLCS follow-up with an official invitation to staff from these Latin American countries and Spain to attend the PDS in Sacramento.
Steve reported that the 2013 meeting of ANOMAC is preliminarily planned for Aug. 20-23 and will most likely be held in Mexico City.
Steve Marshall (Vt.) reported to the committee that at the request of President Karen Wadsworth, he attended the "Australia and New Zealand Association of Clerks-at-the-Table" (ANZACATT) in January 2013.   Steven mentioned that per the ASLCS Standing Orders, ASLCS will extend an invitation to representatives of ANZACATT to attend the PDS in Sacramento this fall.    


Upon a motion by Susan Schaar (Va.) and seconded by Steve Marshall (Vt.),  the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Sandy Tenney (Utah), Recorder