American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) Support Staff Minutes

ASLCS Professional Development Seminar
Richmond Virginia

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012

Call to Order

The meeting of the Support Staff Committee was called to order by Jamie Kruse (NE), chair.




Jamie Kruse (NE), Chair

  Julie Marania (CA)


Ann Marie Sweeney (PA), Vice Chair

  Rosemarie Mastrandrea (CA)

Ronald Smith (LA), Vice Chair

  * Melanie Newby (VA)

Matthew Baker (CA)

  * Carol Newton (MO)

Cindy Benjamin (NV)

  *  Tracy Ortiz (TX)

Johnye Bennett (VA)

  * Alysia Peters (NV)

Julie A. Bochat (MO)

  Michelle Poole (NC)

David Bowman (CA)

  Dawn Reese (PA)

Sarah Culley (MO)

  Cooper Roberts (LA)

Jessica Fagan (CA)

  * Paula Rossetto (CA)

Jeff Finch (VA)

  * David G. Surdez (MN)

Janice Gadd (UT)

  Russell Tomas (CA)

Virginia Habansky (VA)

  * Tricia Vaughn (VA)

Stephanie Hall (AK)

  Maureen Wilson (UT)

Nathan Hatfield (VA)

  * Michelle Wright (VA)

Kathryn Jackson, (UT)


Mary Ann Krol (KY)


 Michael Linn (MN)


Other members/guests in attendance included: Angela Andrews (NCSL), Karen Wadsworth (NH), President-Elect, Mary Andrus (UT), Joseph Calvo (TX),
Kristin Canterbury (WV), Barbara Carter (VA), Marguerite Duda (WV),  Leslie Edwards (AZ), Joy Engelby (MO), Lisa Gilmer (VA), Charlotte Mary (VA), 
Trish Obrion (VA), Joan Romano (AZ), Jackie Schulz (AK), Lora Thompson (WV), Linda Tubbs (TX), Jan Waldrop (VA). 

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Nathan Hatfield (VA), seconded by Julie Bochat (MO), the minutes of the  meeting held on Aug. 6, 2012, during the NCSL Legislative Summit in Chicago, Ill., were approved.
Karen Wadsworth (NH), President-Elect, introduced herself and welcomed all members. She expressed her thanks for their participation and responsibility in the program and the material involved. She also offered her support to come to her with any questions or comments and requested that we please fill out the evaluations and submit them at the end of the Seminar. 

Old Business

Jamie Kruse (NE), Chair, stated that the main purpose of this committee is to represent associate members in ASLCS and to provide a focus only on associates, making sure their needs are addressed and included in the society's agenda. 

New Business

Jamie Kruse (NE), chair, brought up the Associate Exchange Program (AEP) and stated that applications, due by Nov. 9, 2012, will be sent out to chambers for participation as host states. Then applications for participants in the program will be sent out as well, with up to four approved. Julie Bochat (MO) gave positive aspects of AEP and encouraged members to look into applying for it, reminding them that the society contributes funds for AEP and that it's good to see how other states operate. Paula Rossetto (CA) added that as a host state the exchange was a great experience, and that they learned a lot on their side as well.

The committee discussed the Legislative Expo in Richmond as Jamie Kruse (NE), chair, asked for any ideas or feedback, noting there was more international participation this year due to a suggestion from last year. Julie Bochat (MO) commented that the Expo seemed very successful this year, with more traffic and good timing in length.  Angela Andrews (NCSL) said that the times for next year's PDS are not worked out yet but will be soon for planning.  Chair Kruse asked if the ASLCS 70th Anniversary should be incorporated into next year's Expo.  It was recommended adding in Anniversary because maybe more states could be involved and there may be ideas on old versus new changes over the years.

The committee was requested to discuss this year's Staff Breakouts in comparison to past Breakouts which were more divided into individual sections.  Members were asked if they liked the suggested topic/question for added participation. It was commented that this year's seemed more successful with great attendance, all members participated and it had an added lightness. Michelle Wright (VA) liked that it was more familiar, each person had a few minutes speaking time and they could learn from each others experiences.

Jamie Kruse (NE), chair, asked the committee for any ideas for what to cover in 2013 PDS Concurrent Session and for opinions on this year's success. Paula Rossetto (CA) suggested a "What I Wish I Had Known…" from and for associates' perspectives, with an example of those coming in from outside the Capitol or when new to the legislature. Julie Bochat (MO) added the idea for an informal question and answer session with senior members of the society—not in position, per se, but in work longevity or in ASLCS or in experience. Another member  suggested a society-wide talent show, using the example of Nathan Hatfield's (VA) singing with the Gospel Group in breakfast. [Jackie Schulz (AK) seconded and added onto this idea.] There was a positive response to this idea throughout the committee.

Jamie Kruse (NE), chair, told the committee that she wants to keep communication with members throughout the year and asked for input or suggestions. Tricia Vaughan (VA) asked about the possibility of an online meeting as other committees have done. Maryann Horch (VA) explained they would need to decide how to set it up; by instant messaging or texting groups, initiated by the chair, or maybe by video chat. Joy Engelby (MO) suggested the use of Google Plus as an option.


Upon a motion by Julie Bochat (MO), seconded by Carol Newton (MO), the meeting was adjourned.