American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) International Communication and Development Minutes

Internal Communication and development Minutes

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ASLCS Professional Development Seminar

Richmond, Virginia

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012 

Call to Order

The meeting of the International Communication ws called to order by Steve Arias (NM), Chair.




Steve Arias, Chair (AL)

  Steve James (MA)

Terry Rumley, Vice-Chair (KY)

  * Tim Kehoe (CT)

Bred Metcalf, Vice-Chair (TX)

  Ann Krekelberg (AK)

Jocelyn Acquino (CA)

  * Bill Magill (VT)

Dave Avant (AL)

  * Al Mathiowetz (MN)

Diane Bell (FL)

  * Steve Marshall (VT)

Brad Bolin (IL)

  Lenore Naranjo (NM)

 Jay Braxton (VA)

  Paul Nardo (VA)

Paul Campos (WA)

  Rose Ramsey (VA)

Lee Cassis (WV)

   *  Sherry Rodriguez (NV)

Liz Clark (AK)

   * Susan Schaar (VA)

Lisa Davis (MS)

  Donna Scott (OR)

Bernard Dean (WA)

   * Paul Smith (NH)

Brian Ebbert (CA)

   * Butch Speer (LA)

Leann Gallagher

   * Terry Spieler (MO)

John Garrett (VA)

   * Sandy Tenney (UT)

Tisha Geiser (AK)

   * Joyce Wright (AL)

Chris Griesel (TX)

  Aldeha Edward-Salvador FM Micronesia

Pat Harris (AL)


Brad Hendrickson (WA)


Donna Holiday (KY)


Bo Hoover (WV)


Russell Humphrey (TN)


Others in attendance were: David Bortz (VA), Londi Ensor (AK), Susan Furlong (NV), Martha Hopson (AK),
Sadie Ingalls (AK), Crystaline Jones (AK), Maker Marial (VA), Patsy Spaw (TX), Gina Spartz (AK)

Approval of Minutes

The meeting minutes were approved. 

 Old Business

Steve Arias (NM) gave a brief description of the committee and the history of ANOMAC. He described some of the duties of the committee, which include an update of the international director and hosting an international reception at the annual ASLCS Professional Development Seminar. It was suggested that we continue the tradition with a reception at the Sacramento PDS in 2013. The committee is looking into getting an electronic archive of photos in order to facilitate showing them as a slideshow at a future receptions. He opened a discussion that the committee explore more ways to make our international members and guests feel welcome and to benefit from ASLCS's wealth of knowledge.

Susan Schaar (VA) reported to the committee that she had been in contact with people from Scotland and Ireland about their interest in participating with ASLCS. she said that she would get us a name and number so that we can make contact.

New Business

Susan Schaar (VA) suggested getting together with Ms. Kathy Brennan Wiggins to jointly host an international reception at the NCSL summit.

Steve Arias (NM) said that he would like to make contact with other Central and South American countries. Those in attendance agreed that it would be a good gesture. Our new president, Karen Wadsworth, was in the meeting at the time and Steve Arias asked if we could make that preliminary contact, to which Karen Wadsworth agreed.


The meeting was adjourned on motion of Paul Smith (NH) and seconded by Patsy Spaw (TX).