American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) Inside the Legislative Process Minutes

ASLCS Professional Development Seminar
Richmond, Virginia

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012

Call to Order

The meeting of the Inside the Legislative Process was called to order by Jean Burgin (KY), chair. A welcome message to the members and a brief explanation of the goals of the Committee were presented by Karen Wadsworth (NH), ASLCS president‑elect. She noted that ILP members can participate via electronic media when attendance at all the meetings is not possible.  She expressed anticipation for the next survey results.
Chair Burgin explained that due to scheduling the chair and vice chair would need to leave the Seminar prior to the Sunday breakfast meeting and asked for a volunteer to present the Committee’s report at the Business Meeting on Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012.  Cindi Markwell (CO) volunteered to present the report.




Jean Burgin (KY)

  Donna Holiday (KY)

Matthew Baker (NV), Vice-Chair

  Kathryn Jackson (UT)

Steve James (MA), Vice-Chair

  * Hobie Lehman (VA)

Tim Anderson (IL)

  Cal Ludeman (MN)

Cindy  Benjamin (NV)

  * Bernadette McNulty (CA)

David Bowman (CA)

  Jennifer Mertz (IN)

Lisa Davis (MS)

  Lenore Naranjo (NM)

Brian Ebert (CA)

  * Alysia Peters (NV)

Marilyn Eddins (CO)

  Dawn Reese (PA)

Jessica Fagan (CA)

  * Gail Romanowski (MN)

Jeff Finch (VA)

  Donna Scott (OR)

Leann Gallagher (CA)

  * David Surdez (MN)

Tisha Geiser (AK)

  Robert Taylor (OR)

Shelle Grim-Brooks (NV)

  Dotson Wilson (CA)

Kathy Jackson (UT)


Others attending were: Patty Benskin (WY), Sylvia Brown (NV), Whitney Johnson (TN), Maker Marial (VA), Cindi Markwell (CO), John McKay (CO),
Trish Obrion (VA), Erica Manson (VA), Ben Robinson (AK)

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Bernadette McNulty (CA), seconded by Tisha Gieser (AK), the minutes of the last meeting held on Aug. 6, 2012, in Chicago, Ill.,, were approved.

Old Business

Chair Burgin explained that Brenda Erickson reported at the ILP meeting held in Chicago that the 2011 ILP surveys had been distributed and requested volunteers to make contact with the chambers that had not responded. Bernadette McNulty (CA) inquired if more volunteers were needed to perform follow up contacts. Chair Burgin will contact Brenda Erickson to see if additional volunteers were needed and would send an update via the ILP e–mail distribution list.
David Surdez (MN), former ILP Committee chair, informed Chair Burgin that a survey instrument was received from Oregon. 

New Business

Discussion was held on the survey schedule with the survey performed one year and the results published the following year. David Surdez (MN) commented that older chapters may need to be updated. Potential survey topics were examined including consent calendars, which were included on a previous survey of Senate and House chambers. Chair Burgin explained the use of uncontested calendars in the Kentucky House of Representatives and other members discussed the use of consent calendars in their states, as well as the conversion to “paperless” processes in Senate and House chambers.


Upon a motion by Bernadette McNulty (CA), seconded by Lisa Davis (MS), the meeting was adjourned.