American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) Executive Committee Minutes | Oct. 7, 2012

ASLCS Professional Development Seminar

Richmond, Virginia

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012

Call to Order

The meeting of the Executive Committee was called to order by the Honorable Karen Wadsworth, clerk of the New Hampshire House and the ASLCS president.


The following members of the committee were present:


Karen Wadsworth (NH)

* Cheryl Laube (AZ)

Suzi Lowell (AK)

  Patrick O’Donnell (NE)

Russell Humphrey (TN)

* Linda Tubbs (TX)

Scott Kaiser (IL)

* William MaGill (VT)

Susan Furlong (NV)

* Terry Spieler (MO)

Janice Gadd (UT)

* Nathan Hatfield (VA)

Other members/guests in attendance included: Angela Andrews, NCSL liaison to ASLCS, Yolanda Dixon (LA), Merrill LaPlante (LA), Maryann Horch (VA), David Byerman (NV).
President Wadsworth announced her appointments to the Executive Committee.  The appointed principals are Cheryl Laube (AZ) and Patrick O’Donnell (NE) and appointed associates are Linda Tubbs (TX) and William MaGill (NE). On motion of  Terry Spieler, seconded by  Nathan Hatfield , the President’s Executive Committee appointments were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Russell Humphrey  reviewed the treasurer's report of Oct. 2, 2012 (adopted Oct. 2, 2012), which reflected a balance of $33,888.36. No further disbursements or receipts having arisen since the report, no further action was taken. 

New Business

Angela Andrews presented an overview of the ASLCS four Financial Accounts: ASLCS Special Meetings Fund (L190 account), ASLCS Professional Development Revolving Account (LLCS), Fall Meeting Account and the Dues Account.

  • ASLCS Special Meetings Fund (L190 account):  Its balance currently stands at $308,284.77. Fundraising for the Richmond PDS has so far totaled $39,400. There was a contribution of $4,500 by Thomson Reuters for the Ed Burdick Scholarship. Expenses paid out of the L190 account thus for host state expenditures are $1,500. A revised list of expenses will be presented at the December Executive Committee Meeting.  Contributions by various individuals and businesses were noted on a spreadsheet.

  • ASLCS Professional Development Revolving Account ((LLCS): The balance in this account is $22,233.79.  Speaking fees for Anna Post and David Witt will be paid from this account.             

  • The Richmond Meeting Budget (PD12): The total expenses are projected to be $66,530.15.  Contributions from national sponsors are $13,000.

Angela Andrews reviewed the Registration and Hotel reservation information. As of Sept. 24, 2012, there were 153 legislative staff registrations, 13 guest registrations and 18 complimentary registrations. Additionally, as of Sept. 21, 2012 there were 752 room nights booked. This is 137 room nights above the contracted attrition threshold.

President Wadsworth discussed the importance of the various ASLCS publications. She stated that per Section XVI of the standing orders it is the obligation of the Executive Committee to approve a budget for each publication. 

  • Without objection, President Wadsworth declared that the budget of the International Directory would lie over until the December Executive Committee meeting.
  • Scott Kaiser moved, seconded by Susan Furlong, that the budget of the Legislative Administrator be $10,000. The motion was unanimously approved.
  • Scott Kaiser moved, seconded by Susan Furlong , that the budget of the Professional Journal be $3,000. The motion was unanimously approved.
  • Scott Kaiser moved, seconded by Susan Furlong, that the budget of the Roster and Reference Guide be $10,000. The motion was unanimously approved.

President Wadsworth discussed the charges of the ASLCS Special Committees she has appointed.  

Other Business

  • Internal Audit: to review the Treasurer’s books and transactions and report on the accuracy.
  • Budget and Revenue: to assist in fundraising.
  • 70th Anniversary of the ASLCS: insure coordination of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the ASLCS.
  • Strategic Planning:  to determine the best utilization of accrued funds, in relation to NCSL; ascertain the financial goals of ASLCS.  President Wadsworth appointed this group from outside the Executive Committee.
  • Cookbook Committee:  Prepare for publication a cookbook full of recipes from members of the society for the 70th anniversary. This committee was appointed by Past President Terry Spieler
    President Wadsworth requested volunteers to attend the ANZACATT meeting, Jan. 22-24, 2013.  Any persons interested in attending as President Wadsworth’s designee are to notify her in the next week.

Yolanda Dixon (LA) reviewed the proposal to host the 2014 ASLCS Professional Development Seminar in either Baton Rouge or New Orleans.  Yolanda Dixon stated that the dates of the event would be in early October. Immediate Past President Terry Spieler moved, Susan Furlong seconded, that the 2014 ASLCS Professional Development Seminar be held in the State of Louisiana. The motion was unanimously approved.  


President Wadsworth announced that the spring meeting of the ASLCS is in Santa Fe, N.M., April 19 to 21, 2013. She thanked Mr. Steve Arias (NM) for his willingness to assist in the meeting. A discussion ensued about transportation from Albuquerque, NM (50 miles away) to Santa Fe, NM, and the need for a van service or other accommodations. 


Without objections, the meetings business concluded, President Wadsworth declared the Oct. 7, 2012, meeting of the Executive Committee adjourned.