American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) Executive Committee Minutes | Oct. 2, 2012

ASLCS Professional Development Seminar
Richmond, Va.

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012

Call to Order

The meeting of the Executive Committee was called to order by the Honorable Terry Spieler, secretary of the Missouri Senate and the ASLCS president.


The following members of the committee were present:


Terry Spieler (MO)

* Stephen Arias (NM)

Karen Wadsworth (NH)

* Susan Furlong (NV)

Suzi Lowell (AK)

* Janice Gadd (UT)

Nathan Hatfield (VA)

* Jamie Kruse (NE)

Russell Humphrey (TN)

* Pat Saville (KS)

Scott Kaiser (IL)

* George Bishop (VA)

Others Present:  Pat O'Donnell (NE), Denise Weeks (NC), David Byerman (NV), Angela Andrews (NCSL) and Larry Morandi (Director, State Policy Research Division, NCSL).


Approval of Minutes

Nathan Hatfield (VA) moved that the minutes of the Aug. 8, 2012, Executive Committee meeting be approved as presented. Russell Humphrey (TN) seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report

The ending balance of the dues account as of this date is $33,888.36. Karen Wadsworth (NH) moved that the Treasurer's Report be approved as presented. Steve Arias (NM) seconded the motion. The report was approved unanimously.

Old Business

Angela Andrews (NCSL) reviewed all the financial accounts.

Angela Andrews reported that the ASLCS Special Meetings Fund (L190) has a balance of $308,284.77. The fundraising for the fall meeting is expected to be $55,000.00, currently it is $39,400.00. Angela reported the Ed Burdick Scholarship funds for $4,500 from Thomson Reuters have been received and will be transferred to the LLCS account as necessary. Angela stated the final payment for the business lunch in Chicago at the Firehouse has been made. The Executive Committee thanked Scott Kaiser (IL) for picking out such a wonderful venue. Angela advised the Executive Committee she will provide previous years' balance forward information for the L190, per George Bishop's (VA) request.

The current balance in the ASLCS Professional Development Revolving Account (LLCS) is $22,233.79. There were no new deposits. Angela Andrews noted the correction on the report for the $500 that was transferred to the dues account for payment to Michelle Wright (VA) as a 2012 AEP participant. Pending expenditures include deposits for the Plenary Speakers for the PDS: Anna Post $2,250 and David Witt $2,000.

Angela Andrews presented a revised budget for the Richmond PDS. Additional costs include: breakfast on Oct. 4; increased cost for the breakfast on Oct. 5; and the addition of 11 percent tax because NCSL is not tax exempt in Virginia. The PDS budget now reflects a loss of $7,730.15. Additional costs not accounted for are the International Reception (approx. $300) and refreshments during the service project (approx. $300-$500). The budget is currently based on 130 full paying attendees and 20 guests. Currently, the numbers are showing approximately 160 full paying attendees. Angela requested that the Executive Committee approve the transfer of $10,000 to cover the loss.

Denise Weeks (NC), chair of the Canadian-American Relations Committee, reported the Canadian Association of Clerks-at-the-Table, at their recent meeting in Victoria, voted to continue the Canadian American Exchange Agreement as it stands.  The Canadian-American Relations Committee had voted to offer a $500 scholarship to assist with the costs of the Exchange and to be named after Jane Richards. The president will direct the Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee to draft a standing order for this exchange and scholarship program.

David Byerman (NV), Chair of the Technology Committee, reported on the E-Learning Initiative Report. The report included:

  • E-Learning Video Ideas to be Implemented in the Near Future.
  • Planned E-Learning Video ideas.
  • Video Specific.
  • Editorial Rights and Approval Process.
  • Camera Accountability/Check Out Policy.
  • Other E-Learning Video Ideas Discussed.
  • Detailed Technical Standards/Recommendations.

Karen Wadsworth (NH) moved to approve the recommendations in the report and George Bishop (VA) seconded the motion. It was approved unanimously.

Scott Kaiser (IL) reported on the Online Roster Exploration Committee's following three recommendations:

  • Continue to produce and send one copy of the Roster to the principal of each state, annually.
  • Retain a version of the Roster on the NCSL website.
  • Create a schedule with the NCSL liaison for updates to the online version of the Roster.

Scott Kaiser stated that these changes would help with the goal to reduce costs and allow access for more current information online.  The Committee recommends a review after one year.

There was much discussion about changing the Roster format. Some Executive Committee members indicated they use their Roster on a daily basis.  There was a suggestion that the online Roster be interactive. It was also noted that the Standing Orders state that all dues paying members receive a copy of the Roster.

Russell Humphrey (TN) moved to table the discussion until the Spring Meeting in Santa Fe. Pat Saville (KS) seconded the motion.  It was unanimously approved to table the discussion until the Spring Meeting.

New Business

Patrick O'Donnell (NE), chair of the Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee, submitted the final recommendation of the committee for the new Standing Order for the Edward A. Burdick Memorial Scholarship. Karen Wadsworth (NH) moved to accept the Standing Order as drafted. Russell Humphrey (TN) seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The standing order follows:

G.  Edward A. Burdick Memorial Scholarship

  1. The Edward A. Burdick Memorial Scholarship was established to assist ASLCS associate members with costs associated with attending the Society's Annual Professional Development Seminar (PDS).
  2.  Edward Arthur A. Burdick (1921-2011) was chief clerk and parliamentarian of the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1966 to 2005.  During his membership in ASLCS, he served as president from 1971-1972, was the first recipient of the Joseph A. Beek Distinguished Service Award in 1983, and received the Legislative Staff Achievement Award in 2002. It is in recognition and honor of Mr. Burdick's many years of nonpartisan public service and dedication to the society that this associate member scholarship is established.
  3. The Edward A. Burdick Memorial Scholarship will be awarded annually to two (2) associate members of the society and funded from the Professional Development Revolving Account in the amount of $750 for each recipient. In order to afford as many an opportunity to the scholarship as possible, those selected for the scholarship would will not be eligible in future years.
  4. An associate interested in the scholarship shall submit a letter, endorsed by his or her principal clerk/secretary, outlining why he or she hopes to be selected for the scholarship and how attending the PDS will enrich their professional knowledge. Letters are to be submitted to the ASLCS Executive Committee through the NCSL staff liaison by July 1. The liaison shall forward all applications to the ASLCS president for review by the Executive Committee or an appropriate subcommittee. Associate members will be notified by the associate vice president by Aug. 1.
  5. The scholarships are funded by a nationally recognized corporate sponsor, and will be awarded each year the corporate sponsorship is available. In return, ASLCS will appropriately recognize the corporate sponsor when promoting and awarding the scholarships.
  6. ASLCS scholarship awards must be approved by the ASLCS Executive Committee before funds are disbursed.  (April 21, 2012, Phoenix, Ariz.)

President Spieler (MO) opened up a discussion of the current policy for registration fees. Denise Weeks (NC) commented that a person from North Carolina was driving to Richmond for the day to participate in the Legislative Expo on her behalf.  This person would be required to pay a full registration fee. This particular policy could be limiting ASLCS educational opportunities for future Professional Development Seminars. Karen Wadsworth (NH) advised the Executive Committee that she was forming a Strategic Planning Committee and this would be one of the issues they will address.

Russell Humphrey (TN) moved to transfer $10,000 from the L190 to the 2012 PDS meeting budget to cover the meeting shortfall. Karen Wadsworth (NH) seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Angela Andrews updated the committee on the 2012 PDS. She stated that there was one expenditure for $1,500 for the bus transportation to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts  Angela reported that the breakdown for registrations  are 154 full; 13 guests; and 18 complimentary. The hotel block had to be increased to accommodate the registrations and Angela reported that there were currently 137 room nights above the contracted attrition threshold.

The final report for the PDS will be presented at the December conference call meeting.

President Spieler (MO) reported that the Professional Journal Committee was unable to meet their publication deadline. To date, they have not received any articles for publication. President Spieler encouraged members to get the word out to submit articles.

Suzi Lowell (AK) reported that as the secretary/treasurer of ASLCS she sent out a welcome letter, membership pin, the Code of Ethics and an information brochure about ASLCS to all new members. A list of new members is also provided to the Membership and Communications Committee so they can welcome them and encourage attendance at the PDS. It was recommended that there be communication throughout the year between the secretary/treasurer and chair of the Membership and Communications Committee so that efforts are not duplicated.

Larry Morandi (NCSL) reported that the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee has 49 members and at the last meeting 36 members were in attendance. This shows an increase in participation. He also noted that the attendance at the Professional Development Seminars has increased. Larry Morandi also advised the Executive Committee that a new website for NCSL will be launched in May and that an outside firm had been hired to design the site.

Steve Arias (NM) reported on his trip to represent the society on behalf of President Spieler at the Association of Chief Clerks of Mexico's State Legislatures and the Federal District of Mexico meeting in Tijuana, Mexico. He stated he received a very warm welcome and that 19 of their 30 clerks were in attendance.


President Spieler (MO) announced the International Reception was being held this evening and encouraged the Executive Committee members to attend.

Angela Andrews introduced Martyanne Donovan and Joanne Stoud from NCSL who are currently working at the registration desk and will be assisting in other ways with the Professional Development Seminar this week.


Scott Kaiser (IL) moved that the Executive Committee meeting be adjourned. There being no objection, President Spieler adjourned the Executive Committee meeting in Richmond, Va.