American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) Technology Committee Meeting Minutes

Summer Meeting
Chicago, Illinois
Aug. 6, 2012

Call to Order
The meeting of the Technology Committee was called to order by David  Byerman, NV, Chair.
The following members of the committee were present: (Check members present)


David A. Byerman, Chair (NV)


Robert Marchant (WI)


Robert Haney, Vice-Chair (TX)


Bill MaGill (VT)


Dana Miller, Vice-Chair (NV)


Brad Metcalf (KY)


Bonnie Alexander (ID)


Tara Perkinson (VA)


Stephen Arias (NM)


Rose Ramsey (VA)


Mick Bailey (WV)


Pat Saville (KS)


Matthew Baker (NV)


Jim Schratz (AR)


Karen Brown (UT)


Scott Sloan (TN)


Bernard Dean (WA)


Tammy Tackett (MO)


Polly Emerson (TX)


Robert Taylor (OR)


Joy Engelby (MO)


Tricia Vaughan (VA)


Lourdes Guerra (TX)


Rachel Veum (WI)


Maryann Horch (VA)


Crissy Wilson (UT)


Cyndy Johnston (OR)


Maureen Wilson (UT)


Scott Kaiser (IL)


Tammy Wright (NH)


Susan Kannarr (KS)




Tim Mapes (IL)




Other members/guests in attendance included Stacey Nicchio (TX), Tracy Ortiz (TX), and Tim Rice (IL).


Approval of Minutes
Upon a motion by Bonnie Alexander (ID), seconded by Susan Kannarr (KS), the minutes of the May 14, 2012 meeting via Cover It Live were approved.


Old Business
Scott Kaiser (IL) updated the committee on potential panelists for the Continuity of Operations (COOP) concurrent session that the Technology Committee will be presenting at the PDS. Possible participants include Virginia and Washington. David indicated that he has begun conversations with several additional states and will continue the discussion. Angela Andrews also indicated that she would check to see if federal disaster planning grant money is still available to the states.
David provided an update on the ASLCS E-learning Initiative. He also distributed copies of the final version of the E-Learning Group Recommendations.  The working group's recommendations were approved at the May 14 Technology Committee meeting. This will be presented to the ASLCS Executive Committee at its meeting later this week. 
New Business
A discussion followed concerning how to encourage video submissions for the E-Learning Initiative. The committee agreed that Committee chairs could begin the process by submitting a video outlining the duties and role of their committee. Maryann Horch (VA) suggested that members of the committees could assist the Chair in this process, if needed. Bonnie Alexander (ID) further indicated that the ASLCS YouTube channel could possibly become the definitive resource for members to obtain operational information relating to the Society.
Angela Andrews updated the committee on the planned Legislative Expo for the Richmond PDS. Dana Miller (MO) indicated that she was exploring the possibility of creating a "YouTube Booth" to film short video clips of attendees and introduce ASCLS members to the flip cameras and the e-learning concept.
David Byerman reminded the committee of the ASLCS Social Media Roster and encouraged those in attendance to add their contact information. A link to the roster has been added to the ASLCS web page and can be found at  New opportunities for “guerilla marketing” the ASLCS Social Media Roster – including advertising in the PDS Program, or creating an insert for inclusion inside the program – will also be investigated within the next month.
There being no new business to discuss, upon motion of Steve Arias (NM), seconded by Polly Emerson (TX), the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, Dana Miller (MO), Vice-Chair.