American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS) International Communications and Development Committee Minutes

Summer Meeting
Chicago, IL
Aug. 6, 2012

Call to Order
Vice Chair Patience Worrell (TX) called the meeting to order at 3:45 p.m., reporting Chair Pat Harris, Chair, was in Canada attending the Clerks-at-the-Table meeting.
The following members of the committee were present:  


Pat Harris (AL), Chair


Brad Metcalf, KY, Vice Chair


Patience Worrel, TX, Vice Chair




Dave Avant, AL


Diane Bell, FL


Liz Clark, AK


Ann Cornwell, AR


Bernard Dean, WA


Polly Emerson, TX


Susan Furlong, NV


John Garrett, VA


Greg Gray, WV


Lourdes Guerra, TX


Robert Haney, TX


Brad Hendrickson, WA


Donna Holiday, KY


Bo Hoover, WV


Steven James, MA


Crys Jones, AK


Scott Kaiser, IL


Tim Kehoe, CT


Ann Krekelberg, AK


Ramona Kenady Line, OR


Dowe Littleton, AL


Suzi Lowell, AK


Tim Mapes, IL


Steven Marshall, VT


Charlotte Mary, VA


Al Mathiowetz, MN


Lenore Naranjo, NM


Heather Priest, ME


Richard Puffer, DE


Gary Randall, MI


Sherry Rodriguez, NV


Terry Rumley, NC


Susan Clarke Schaar, VA


Jackie Schulz, AK


Scott Sloan, TN


Butch Speer, LA


Ann-Marie Sweeney, PA


Sandy Tenney, UT


Bob Ward, FL




Also Attending (not listed on committee roster):


Russell Humphrey, TN


Patsy Spaw, TX


Alan Wittington, TN



Approval of Minutes
There was a motion by John Garrett (VA) to approve the minutes from the committee’s meeting in Phoenix, Ariz., which was seconded by Suzi Lowell, (AK). There being no objection, it was so ordered.

Old Business
Vice Chair Worrell reported on Pat’s behalf that the International Directory had been updated and copies were then distributed to committee members as well as to members of the Executive Committee. She noted a PDF version is also available and relayed that the Directory would be again updated in October. 
New Business
Patience solicited input on an international guest reception for the upcoming meeting in Richmond, asking members to give their suggestions to Pat, who will work in conjunction with the Program Development Committee to come up with something great.
Patsy Spaw (TX) commented that the international reception had been done in the past with the help and cooperation of the Canadian-American Relations Committee and she was glad it was going to be continued.
Steve Arias (NM), former member of the committee, reported he was attending the upcoming ANOMAC meeting in Tijuana, BC and would read a letter of invitation to its members (urging them to come to Richmond) and would report back to the committee.
There was discussion regarding the utility of an information sheet on international guests that could be distributed to members, giving a bit of background on the international attendee as well as a briefing on his/her country of representation. Susan Furlong (NV) provided an example of such a sheet and committee members reacted to it quite positively. 
There being no further business to come before the committee, Ann Conwell, (AR), moved that the meeting adjourn. Without objection, it was so ordered.