Membership and Communication Committee Meeting Minutes

Professional Development Seminar
Branson, MO
October 1, 2011

Call to Order

The meeting of the Membership and Communication Committee was called to order by Bonnie Alexander (ID), Chair.


The following members of the committee were present:



Bonnie Alexander (ID), Chair


Jeannie Layell (VA)


Roby Johnson (LA), Vice-Chair


Cindi Markwell (CO)


Jennifer Mertz (IN), Vice-Chair


Sandi Morris (KY)


Mardi Alexander (TX)


Carol Newton (MO)


Mary Andrus (UT)


Jennifer Novak (ID)


Stephen Arias (NM)


Pat Saville (KS)


Judy Barrows (ME)


Jim Schratz (AR)


Jean Burgin (KY)


Jackie Scott (VA)


Melissa Bybee-Fields (KY)


Patsy Spaw (TX)


David Byerman (NV)


Tammy Tackett (MO)


Scott Caffey (TX)


Bonnie Trivette (NC)


Lee Cassis (WV)


Linda Tubbs (TX)


Norma Chastain (AZ)


Kirsten Waid (AK)


Sandra Daly (CA)


Denise Weeks (NC)


Marilyn Eddins (CO)


Kathy White (MO)


Betty Kay Francis (TN)


Dotson Wilson (CA)


JoAnn Hedrick (DE)


Tammy Wright (NH0


Adanna Hydes (KY)




Susan Kannarr (KS)




Cheryl Laube (AZ)



Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Cheryl Laube (AZ), seconded by Bonnie Trivette (NC), the minutes of the last meeting held August 8, 2011, during the NCSL Legislative Summit, in San Antonio, TX, were approved.

New Business

The Chair spoke about the committee's direction and goals as related to enhancing membership and communicating the value of the society. She suggested that we build on past successes and focus on new opportunities that will make our current work relevant to maintaining a strong and vibrant organization. Because prior committees have made the New Member Orientation program a success, we can now shift our focus to encouraging greater involvement of current members, and attracting prospective members. Without objection, the committee agreed to use this year’s New Member Orientation theme when we meet next fall in Richmond. We will reuse the table decorations and continue the same new attendee/mentor format.

Terry Spieler (MO), ASLCS President-elect, arrived and thanked the committee for the important work they would be doing over the coming year.

The discussion continued about membership goals: How well are we serving our members? How well are we serving the society? The committee considered many ideas about participating members and non-participating members and how to narrow the gap. Since all principals are automatically members, it was suggested that we encourage them to participate, even if they can't travel to the meetings.

Mardi Alexander (TX) spoke about the Membership and Communication Committee having space on the ASLCS website, and Angela Andrews said it was her responsibility to update the website. Norma Chastain (AZ) suggested that we think about incentives to bring members back to the society, and perhaps use a flipcam to interview attendees about how they benefited from the annual meeting. Denise Weeks (NC) mentioned that we could publish information in the Administrator to promote the society based on what we have been doing. Cheryl Laube (AZ) said that we might consider placing attendee’s reviews about the Professional Development Seminar in the Administrator.

To determine the best course of action to involve members who are not currently participating, David Byerman (NV) suggested that the committee take a survey. Denise Weeks (NC) suggested offering scholarships to help members attend seminars, and that members of leadership in the society could actually go and visit those principals who are not involved.

We discussed reviewing Angela Andrew’s meeting evaluation results to see what attending members thought about the meeting, and to use the positive comments as talking points when speaking to non-participating members. One of the last ideas offered on how to get people more involved in the society was to send out a monthly newsletter by our committee.


Upon a motion by Cheryl Laube (AZ), seconded by Norma Chastain (AZ), the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Bonnie Alexander (ID), Chair
Jackie Scott (VA), Recorder