Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee Meeting Minutes

ASLCS Professional Development Seminar
Branson, MO
October 1, 2011

Call to Order

The meeting of the Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee was called to order by Patrick O’Donnell, Committee Chair.


The following members of the committee were present:



Patrick O’Donnell (NE), Chair


Ann Luck (NC)


John Garrett (VA), Vice-Chair


Tim Mapes (IL)


Sandy Tenney (UT)


Al Mathiowetz (MN)


Mary Andrus (UT)


Jennifer Mertz (IN)


Judy Barrows (ME)


Heather Priest (ME)


Diane Bell (FL)


Sherry Rodriquez (NV)


George Bishop (VA)


Susan Clarke Schaar (VA)


Scott Caffey (TX)


Ron Smith (LA)


Paul Campos (WA)


Patsy Spaw (TX)


Marilyn Eddins (CO)


Butch Speer (LA)


Susan Furlong (NV)


Ann-Marie Sweeney (PA)


Janice Gadd (UT)


Karen Wadsworth (NH)


JoAnn Hedrick (DE)


Bob Ward (FL)


Bo Hoover (WV)




Michael Linn (MN)




Dowe Littleton (AL)




Suzi Lowell (AK)



President-elect Terry Spieler spoke briefly to the assembled committee. She expressed her desire that ASLCS members become educated on the importance of the Bylaws and Standing Orders. She requested that Chair O'Donnell work with the Program Development Chair to explore the possibility of presenting a session on Bylaws and Standing Orders at the 2012 Professional Development Seminar. Karen Wadsworth recommended that an explanation of ASLCS "special accounts" might be included in a concurrent session.

Chair O'Donnell reminded the committee that the Standing Orders originated in 1992 at the recommendation of John Phelps, in part, to provide transparency.

Chair O'Donnell stated that it might be worthwhile to recommend to the Chair of Membership and Communication that basic information on Bylaws and Standing Orders be included in the new members' handbook for the 2012 PDS.

Chair O'Donnell asked who has possession of the electronic document containing the Bylaws and Standing Orders. Karen Wadsworth indicated that she understands that the president-elect has possession of the electronic document.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Patrick O’Donnell (NE), Committee Chair