Program Development Committee Meeting Minutes

NCSL Legislative Summit
San Antonio, TX
August 8, 2011

Call to Order

The meeting of the Program Development Committee was called to order by Sandy Tenney (UT), Committee Chair


The following members of the committee were present:


Sandy Tenney, Chair (UT)


Kathy Jackson (UT)


Janice Gadd, Vice-Chair (UT)


Susan Kannarr (KS)


Cheryl Laube, Vice-Chair (AZ)


Mary Ann Krol (KY)


Mary Andrus (UT)


Jamie Kruse (NE)


Mitchell "Mick" Bailey (WV)


Mark Mahoney (IL)


Judy Barrows (ME)


Patrick O'Donnell (NE)


Lucinda Benjamin (NV)


Jeff Renk (WI)


George Bishop (VA)


Eleanor Ringel (WV)


Joan Branson (MO)


Sherry Rodriguez (NV)


Jay Braxton (VA)


Paula Rossetto (CA)


Jean Burgin (KY)


Pat Saville (KS)


Carmen Cauthen (NC)


Susan Clarkes Schaar (VA)


Norma Chastain (AZ)


Jackie Scott (VA)


Tisha Gieser (AK)


Scott Sloan (TN)


Lourdes Guerra (TX)


Terry Spieler (MO)


Anna Hanback (VA)


David Surdez (MN)


Nathan Hatfield (VA)


Bonnie Trivette (NC)


Maryann Horch (VA)


Linda Tubbs (TX)


Linda Hopkins (TX)


Tricia Vaughan (VA)


Adanna Hydes (KY)


Patience Worrel (TX)

Other members/guests in attendance included
David Byerman (NV)
Susan Furlong (NV)
Emily Howard (VA)
Rob Marchant (WI), ASLCS President
Charlotte Mary (VA)
Lenore Naranjo (NM)
Tara Perkinson (VA)
Michelle Wright (VA)
Angela Andrews, NCSL Liaison

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Terry Spieler, seconded by Pat Saville, the minutes of the last meeting held April 16, 2011, during the Spring Meeting, in Pittsburgh, PA were approved.

Old Business

New Business

Sandy Tenney (UT) Chair, explained the descriptions of the concurrent sessions scheduled for the upcoming ASLCS Fall Professional Development Seminar (PDS) to be held in Branson Missouri:

ASLCS, NCSL, LSCC - Acronyms Galore! What does it all mean?
Welcome to the State Capitol: A primer on tours, gift shops and capitol security
Mind your Manners! Civility and Decorm in today’s Legislature
Two Thumbs Up for Technology! (sponsored by the Technology Committee)
Human Resources and the Legislative Institution
Comparing International Legislative Practices (sponsored by the International
Communication and Development Committee)
Legislative Off-the Record
Redistricting and the Legislative Process (sponsored by the Support Staff Committee)

She asked everyone to look over the descriptions to see if there are any subjects of interest in which committee members may be willing to either participate as a moderator or as a panelist.

David Byerman (NV), suggested that regarding the Welcome to the State Capitol session that it would be beneficial for the moderator and panelists to have some advance data regarding what kind of security each capitol may have. He also suggested that for the Redistricting session that the Census Bureau could be a wealth of information.

Angela Andrews, NCSL liaison, stated she would check with NCSL staff to see if this type of information is available.

It was suggested that the plenary session on Social Media given by Meagan Dorsch should cover the larger picture and the technology concurrent session scheduled for later that day would elaborate on what the various states are doing and how this is accomplished day to day.

Chair Tenney requested those who are willing to volunteer to do so by Tuesday, August 16, 2011, otherwise the Committee leadership will be contacting committee members to seek volunteers.

The following is a current list of those members who have volunteered to serve as moderators and panelists for the concurrent sessions:
ASLCS, NCSL… - Susan Kannarr (KS), Susan Schaar
Welcome to the State Capitol… - Norma Chastain (AZ), Susan Furlong (NV)
Mind your Manners!... - Bernadette McNulty (CA)
Technology - David Byerman (NV)
Human Resources… - Rob Marchant (WI)

Since the Community Service Project sponsored by LexisNexis at the 2010 Fall PDS held in Milwaukee Wisconsin was such an overwhelming success, LexisNexis will again sponsor a service project at the Branson PDS. Chair Tenney explained the two possible projects:
Womens Crisis Center - assembling bath or kitchen themed emergency relief kits
Tyler Project - assembling care packages for troops

After some discussion, the committee recommended that Terry Spieler (MO), Secretary of the Missouri Senate, work with LexisNexis and the No-Host Committee to determine the service project in which the society will participate.

Susan Schaar (VA), No Host Committee Chair, gave an update on the upcoming PDS, stating Branson has a small airport with limited airline service. She added the Springfield airport is a 45 minute drive from the hotel with no airport shuttle. Susan reported that the hotel is fantastic, with several golf courses nearby as well as great fishing. The PDS will start with a reception at the Titanic Museum which has an unbelievable collection. The social event will be attending the show “Legends,” and at the State Dinner we will be entertained by comedian Jeanne Robertson. She encouraged everyone to come to Branson.

Sandy Tenney suggested that regarding the open evening on Friday that something could be sent out to the society regarding what shows are playing to allow people to plan their evening in advance. Susan Schaar stated one show that was highly recommended was “Six.”

Rob Marchant (WI), ASLCS President, thanked the Committee leadership and the No-Host Committee for all their hard work and added that the Branson PDS should be a great meeting.

Terry Spieler (MO), explained that since Branson is too far away for a capitol visit they are bringing the capitol to Branson by way of a 16 minute video. She explained the video will be looped and played during the Legislative Expo. She also explained that during the breakfast on Wednesday, Raenne Presley, Mayor of Branson, will be giving a welcoming presentation.


Upon a motion by Susan Kannarr (KS), seconded by Bonnie Trivette (NC), the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Laube (AZ), Vice Chair and Recorder