Inside the Legislative Process Committee Meeting Minutes

NCSL Legislative Summit
San Antonio, TX
August 8, 2011

Call to Order

The meeting of the Inside the Legislative Process Committee was called to order by Ann Krekelberg (AK) in the absence of the Chair and Vice Chairs.


The following members of the committee were present:


William MaGill (VT), Chair


Donna Robinson Holiday (KY)


Steve James (MA), Vice-Chair


Kathy Jackson (UT)


Adanna Hydes (KY), Vice-Chair


Ruby Johnson (LA)


Lucinda Benjamin (NV)


Laurel Johnston (HI)


Julie Bochat (MO)


Ann Krekelberg (AK)


Jean Burgin (KY)


Bernadette McNulty (CA)


Carmen Cauthen (NC)


Angie Murphy (VA)


Ginny Edwards (VA)


Eleanor Ringel (WV)


Jeff Finch (VA)


Cooper Roberts (LA)


Susan Furlong Reil (NV)


David Surdez (MN)


Tisha Gieser (AK)


Mardi Alexander (TX)

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Tisha Gieser, seconded by Ann Krekelberg, the minutes of the last meeting held April 16, 2011, during the ASLCS Spring Meeting, in Pittsburgh, PA, were approved.

Old Business

Members discussed the email sent by Brenda Erickson of NCSL containing the first draft of three of the survey result sections to be published in the next edition of Inside the Legislative Process (ILP). The committee confirmed that they would individually review the sections and respond to Brenda with edits by the end of August; the fourth and final section is forthcoming. Ann Krekelberg relayed Brenda's message that the second draft of the sections would be made available to the committee before the Professional Development Seminar in Branson. The 2010 edition of ILP should be posted on the NCSL website in the fall.

New Business

Tisha Gieser noted that many chambers did not complete the latest survey and inquired about strategies for increasing participation in the future. Ideas suggested included simplifying the survey or scheduling a "study hall" during future Professional Development Seminars to allow staff to complete the surveys in a quiet focused environment away from the business of their offices.


Upon a motion by Mardi Alexander, seconded by Susan Furlong Reil, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Tisha Gieser (AK)