Support Staff Committee Meeting Minutes

ASLCS Professional Development Seminar
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
April 16, 2011

Call to Order

The meeting of the Support Staff Committee was called to order by Alan Whittington (TN), Chair.


The following members of the committee were present:  (Check members present)


Alan Whittington, Chair (TN)


Anna Hanback (VA)


Tisha Gieser, Vice-Chair (AK)


Maryann Horch (VA)


Lucinda Benjamin (NV)


Emily Howard (VA)


George Bishop (VA)


Kathy Jackson (UT)


Carmen Cauthen (NC)


Amy Leach (CA)


Sarah Culley (MO)


Michael Linn (MN)


Marguerite Duda (WV)


Carol Newton (MO)


Burney Durham (TN)


Tara Perkinson (VA)


Ginny Edwards (VA)


Cooper Roberts (LA)


John McEnery Garrett (VA)


David Surdez (MN)


Janice Gadd (UT)


Tricia Vaughan (VA)


Stephanie Hall (AK)


Joyce Wright (AL)

Other members/guests in attendance: Nathan Hatfield (VA) and Angela Andrews (NCSL).

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Mardi Alexander (TX), seconded by Maryann Horch (VA), the minutes of the last meeting held September 11, 2010, during the Professional Development Seminar (PDS) in Milwaukee, WI, were approved.

New Business

Chairman Whittington reminded the Committee that the job of the Support Services staff was to help with certain areas of programming for the 2011 PDS in Branson. He stated that he would like to encourage everyone to offer some new and different ideas for the sessions for which the Support Services Committee is responsible.
Chairman Whittington stated that Program Development Chairman, Sandy Tenney (UT), and Angela Andrews (NCSL) had asked that the Committee again sponsor a Legislative Expo. Angela stated that the Expo is tentatively slated to be held on Friday, September 30, from 9:00 – 11:00 or 11:30 a.m. She also stated that based on Committee and participant feedback from the 2010 PDS, there would be nothing else scheduled at the same time as the Expo. Maryann Horch (VA) stated that the Committee should stress that even if states were not going to be in attendance at the PDS they should still try to send items for inclusion in the Expo. Chairman Whittington said that Committee members could set up the items contributed by those not in attendance to hopefully encourage everyone to participate.

Chairman Whittington asked if the Committee had any suggestions for Session topics. Maryann Horch (VA) suggested two possible topics: (i) Election policy and the impact of social media, which she stated would tie into similar programs that the Technology Committee was sponsoring and (ii) Redistricting. The Committee felt that a session on redistricting would be very informative and different, since it only happens every 10 years. The Committee discussed various ways to bring a more specific focus to the topic, since a session that tried to cover all of redistricting might be somewhat broad. Some ideas included: (i) specific stories from staff in various states on their particular process, (ii) having an expert, such as Tim Storey from NCSL, discuss the history and process, and (iii) examples of the various ways redistricting is done such as: bipartisan commission, through the courts, and partisan legislation.
Angela Andrews informed the Committee that the Staff Breakout sessions were scheduled for Thursday, September 29. The Committee discussed that the three large group format used at the meeting in Milwaukee had received very positive comments. The Committee decided it would be appropriate to continue to use this format for the 2011 meeting in Branson, perhaps increasing the amount of time for discussion. The three groups would consist of Legislative Operations, Administrative and Support Services, and Principals; the Associate VP would help to lead either the Legislative Operations or Administrative and Support Services Breakout. Chairman Whittington mentioned that some people felt the groups were too large. Angela suggested that perhaps there could be two opportunities for Breakouts: (i) the larger group format and (ii) a lunch that would have "Breakout tables," allowing for a chance to divide the groups into individual job areas including: Calendar, Engrossing, Support Services, Journal, etc. The Committee felt that this would be a way in which discussions begun in the large group format could be continued with a focus that would be relevant and beneficial to the specific areas.

Chairman Whittington mentioned the Associate Exchange Program and informed the Committee that two people had been selected for the program and that they were in the process of finalizing details for their visits. He also stated that the Committee should try to think of ways to encourage participation and generate more interest in the program. Maryann Horch (VA) stated that NCSL had acquired two Flip video cameras and encouraging participants to use the cameras to keep a video journal of their visits which could be put on the ASLCS website might be a good way to increase interest. In addition, the Committee felt that these videos would be a good way to promote ASLCS as an organization. George Bishop (VA) suggested that the Support Services Committee create a specific video about the Associate Exchange Program perhaps with interviews from past participants and information on what the program was, which could be added to the website in addition to the participant videos.


There being no more business, on motion of Mardi Alexander (TX) and seconded by Maryann Horch (VA), the meeting was adjourned.