Site Selection Committee Meeting Minutes

ASLCS Spring Business Meeting
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
April 16, 2011

Call to Order

The meeting of the Site Selection Committee was called to order by Pat Harris (AL), Chair.


The following members of the committee were present: (Check members present)


Pat Harris, Chair (AL)


Mary Ann Krol (KY)


Linda Tubbs (TX), Vice-Chair


Jamie Kruse (NE)


Robert Altmann (WV)


Millie MacFarland (ME)


Mary Andrus (UT)


Mark Mahoney (IL)


Jay Braxton (VA)


Carol Newton (MO)


Scott Caffey (TX)


Melanie Reekes


Ann Cornwell (AR)


Paula Rossetto (CA)


Sarah Culley (MO)


Obie Rutledge (OR)


Marguerite Duda (WV)


Gina Spartz (AK)


Janice Gadd (UT)


Sandy Tenney (UT)


Greg Gray (WV)


Kirsten Waid (AK)


Stephanie Hall (AK)


Denise Weeks (NC)


Anna Hanback (VA)


Alan Whittington (TN)


Martha Hopson (AK)


Patience Worrel (TX)


Emily Howard (VA)


Joyce Wright (AL)


Russell Humphrey (TN)




Cyndy Johnston (OR)




Scott Kaiser (IL)



Other members/guests in attendance included ASLCS President Rob Marchant (WI), Nathan Hatfield (VA), Dave Avant (AL), Dowe Littleton (AL), and Angela Andrews (NCSL).

New Business

Pat Harris stated that as a result of the retirement of Millie MacFarland (ME), there were questions to be addressed concerning the Portland, ME location of the 2012 Professional Development Seminar (PDS). The meeting is scheduled for September 17-23, 2012. Angela Andrews (NCSL) stated that she was still receiving information from organizations in Portland, ME, showing that the area was interested in hosting the Society. She also stated that Millie MacFarland had suggested two possible hotels and that she would contact them to check on availability. The Committee was also told that the new Clerk in Maine, Heather Priest, had been informed about the Society holding the 2012 PDS in Maine and it was stated that ASLCS President Rob Marchant and/or the Committee would be in contact with her if plans moved forward. Members of the Committee suggested that going forward with the plans to have a No Host event in Maine might be a way in which to get the new legislative staffers there involved with the Society. The Committee decided to recommend that plans move forward to have a No Host PDS in Portland for 2012. President Marchant stated that he would take the Committee recommendation to the Executive Committee.

Chair Harris stated that both he and President Marchant, had spoken to Society members from Oklahoma City, OK about their interest in hosting a Fall Meeting. Unfortunately, at this time, they will be unable to host.

Chair Harris stated that he had had further discussions with Paula Rossetto (CA) and that California was very interested in being the Host State for the PDS in 2013. The Committee was informed that the leadership in California would like to hold the meeting in Sacramento. Chair Harris stated that the Society members in California were very excited by the prospect of hosting the PDS and the opportunity to become further involved with the Society. The recommendation of the Committee was to continue to work with California in an effort to have the 2013 PDS in Sacramento, CA.
Chair Harris also reminded the Committee that the 2011 Joint Canadian-American meeting would be held October 13-17 in Montgomery, AL. He encouraged as many Principals and designees as possible to attend.


There being no more business, on motion of Denise Weeks (NC) and seconded by Nathan Hatfield (VA), the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Emily Howard, VA, recorder