Program Development Committee Meeting Minutes

ASLCS Spring Meeting
Pittsburgh, PA
April 16, 2011

Call to Order

The meeting of the Program Development Committee was called to order by Sandy Tenney (UT), Chair.


The following members of the committee were present:
Sandy Tenney, Chair (UT)
George Bishop (VA)
Jay Braxton (VA)
David Byerman (NV)
Nathan Hatfield (VA)
Maryann Horch (VA)
Scott Kaiser (IL)
Robert Marchant (WI)
Susan Schaar (VA)
Terry Spieler (MO)
Alan Whittington (TN)
Patience Worrel (TX)
Angela Andrews, NCSL liaison (CO)

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Scott Kaiser, seconded by Alan Whittington (TN), the minutes of the last committee meeting held September 11, 2010 during the ASLCS Fall Professional Development Seminar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, were approved.

Susan Schaar and Terry Spieler from the Branson No-Host committee gave an update on the upcoming Professional Development Seminar. They reported that their site visit to Branson yielded valuable information that allowed the No-Host Committee to schedule meals, meeting rooms, and evening events. Terry indicated that airport and shuttle information will be provided at a later date. Susan reported that well-known comedienne Jeanne Robertson will provide entertainment in conjunction with the State Dinner.

The committee discussed several possibilities for plenary session speakers. The committee will be polled within the next few weeks and the committee leadership will participate in a conference call with Angela Andrews, the No-Host Committee, and Rob Marchant to solidify who will be invited to be guest speakers for the Branson seminar.

The committee also discussed a wide variety of topics for possible concurrent sessions, including:

  • Welcome to the Capitol – an overview of how states handle school tours, Capitol tours, chamber presentations, publications, gift shops, etc.
  • Learning More about ASLCS – history, lingo, traditions, relationship with NCSL, etc.
  • Civility in the Legislature and dealing with diversity
  • International Comparative Practices (suggested by the International Communication and Development Committee)
  • Redistricting – a timely topic since 2011 is the year for this process to take place in each state (Support Staff Committee will sponsor this session)
  • Twitter, Blogs and other social media – relevancy to the legislative process (Technology Committee will sponsor this session)
  • HR issues (personnel law in the legislative environment, cutbacks, benefits/perks, etc.)
  • 2010 Census – how members/staff can use this important data
  • Legislative off the Record
  • Crisis management
  • Security at state capitols (Scott Kaiser is acquainted with the Sergeant-at-Arms of the U.S. House/Senate. Scott will check on this individual’s availability.)
  • IPad Technology

The International Committee will sponsor a mentor/mentee meeting for international guests and the Executive Committee on Thursday night, Sept. 29, from 6-7 in the Hospitality Suite,

Angela Andrews reported that she is working with Lexis-Nexis to sponsor a service project.

Terry Spieler suggested the idea of doing “Table Topics” at the Friday morning breakfast to allow an opportunity for those with like jobs/positions to have informal discussions. It was suggested that facilitators of the Staff Breakout sessions (scheduled for Thursday afternoon) could keep track of topics/questions/ideas and then assign specific table moderators to facilitate the breakfast discussions. Support Staff will look into the viability/logistics of this idea.

Angela Andrews provided information regarding ASLCS’s opportunities to provide support for concurrent sessions at the San Antonio NCSL annual meeting.
One new feature at the PDS will be a local speaker arranged by Terry Spieler who will give a brief presentation at the Wednesday morning breakfast (Sept. 28) on historical or local points of interest.


Upon a motion by Terry Spieler (MO) and seconded by Alan Whittington (TN), the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandy D. Tenney (UT), Chair
Maryann Horch (VA), Recorder