Legislative Administrator Committee Meeting Minutes

Spring Meeting
Pittsburgh, PA
April 16, 2011

Dowe Littleton, AL
Patience Worrel, TX
Joyce Wright, AL
Angi Murphy, VA
Rob Marchant, WI
Scott Kaiser, IL

Call to Order

Dowe Littleton, Vice-Chair, called the meeting to order at request of Chair Laura Clemens, who was unable to attend the meeting.

Approval of Minutes

No quorum was present so minutes were not approved.

Old Business

There was a lot of positive feedback received about the last issue. Great photos and a great-looking issue overall. Thanks to all who worked to put this together.

New Business

Some ideas for things to include in the next issue were discussed. It will be a shorter issue, around 25-30 pages or less.

  • President’s Letter
  • Committee reports
  • Article on the passing of Ed Burdick (we have received permission from NCSL to reprint their article. Al Mathiowetz also called and will provide some material)
  • Farewells of some old clerks/members – McDowell Lee, Dave Avant, Millie MacFarland, Annette Moore, Judy Hall, Burney Durham, Claire Clift, and others. This could be wrapped into one article, or we could keep them separate.
  • Bios of new Clerks. We have already received one from David Byerman (NV Senate)
  • Susan Schaar had suggested a couple of “Where Are They Now” profiles in each issue, showcasing where people are in life after the legislature.
  • President Marchant mentioned several things in his speech last year that could certainly be articles (“the need to do more with less”; “a loss of civility in public debate and legislative chambers”; “looming retirements of long-term legislative staff”)
  • A survey of ASLCS members about what they would like to see included in the Legislative Administrator moving forward.
  • General discussion of above ideas. The committee will talk on a conference call to finalize contents of next issue.


Take motion for adjournment.