ASLCS Professional Journal Committee Meeting Minutes 

Professional Development Seminar
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 11, 2010 


Call to Order

The meeting of the Professional Journal Committee was called to order by Melanie Reekes (VA), Committee Co-Chair. 


The following members of the committee were present: 


Melanie Reekes, Co-Chair (VA)


Laurel Johnston (HI)


Angi Murphy, Co-Chair (VA)


Amy Leach (CA)


Hobie Lehman, Vice-Chair (VA)


Bernadette McNulty (CA)


Bonnie Alexander (ID)


Tara Perkinson (VA)


Mardi Alexander (TX)


Susan Furlong Reil (NV)


Brad Bolin (IL)


Don Richardson (MS)


Ginny Edwards (VA)


Peter Wattson (MN)


Polly Emerson (TX)



 Other members/guests in attendance included Ben Balding (WV) and Russell Grove (Clerk of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, Australia). 

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Mardi Alexander (TX), seconded by Ben Balding (WV), the minutes of the last meeting held July, 25, 2010, during the NCSL Legislative Summit, in Louisville, Kentucky, were approved. 

Old Business

The Journal committee members discussed the upcoming Fall 2010 publication. The upcoming issue has three confirmed articles with the possibility of a fourth article. The Journal will be published and mailed in late November, early December of this year. 

New Business

The committee discussed new ways to gather articles for the Journal. It was suggested to have a “focus” issue in which all articles pertain to the same subject matter. There was also discussion on potential articles for upcoming issues.  


Upon a motion by Mardi Alexander (TX), seconded by Susan Furlong Reil (NV), the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Reekes (VA), Committee Co-Chair