ASLCS Membership and Communication Committee Meeting Minutes

Professional Development Seminar
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 11, 2010 


Call to Order

The meeting of the Membership and Communication Committee was called to order by Susan Kannarr, KS, Chair, at 3:00 p.m. on September 11, 2010, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  


The following members of the committee were present: 


Susan Kannarr (KS), Chair


Suzi Lowell (AK)


Jamie Kruse (NE), Vice-Chair


Mark Mahoney (IL)


Bonnie Alexander (ID)


Jennifer Mertz (IN)


Mary Andrus (UT)


Angi Murphy (VA)


Judy Barrows (ME)


Melanie Reekes (VA)


Melissa Bybee-Fields (KY)


Jim Schratz (AR)


David Byerman (NV)


Jackie Scott (VA)


Jean Burgin (KY)


Ron Smith (LA)


Scott Caffey (TX)


Terry Spieler (MO)


Lourdes Guerra (TX)


Sandy Tenney (UT)


Linda Hopkins (TX)


Bonnie Trivette (NC)


Bruce Jamerson (VA)


Linda Tubbs (TX)


Ruby Johnson (VA)


Karen Wadsworth (NH)


Cyndy Johnston (OR)


Kirsten Waid (AK)


Cheryl Laube (AZ)


Diana Williamson (WY)

Other members/guests in attendance included (Insert Name, two letter state abbreviation, title).
Julie Bochat (MO); Adanna Hydes (KY) 

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Karen Wardsworth, seconded by Jean Burgin, the minutes of the last meeting held July 25, 2010 in Louisville, Kentucky were approved. 

New Business

The Chairperson introduced Jamie Kruse (NE), Vice-Chair, and Kirsten Waid (AK) as the Recorder for the meeting.  

Rob Marchant (WI), ASLCS President-elect, arrived and thanked the committee for the important work they would be doing over the coming year. 

The Chair asked for feedback from members and new attendees that had attended the New Attendee Orientation this year. This led to discussion of the pin contest. New attendees felt the contest helped them meet other conference attendees. Some members talked about the expense of pins when their State did not provide pins to bring to meetings. There was talk about using stickers or business cards as alternative items for exchange instead of pins. The possibility of including a signature sheet at the back of a new attendee handbook was also brought up as a way for new attendees to meet members by asking for autographs. 

Some Committee members felt a new attendee handbook with important information about ASLCS would be helpful. It was mentioned that such a handbook existed at one time and several members offered to locate a handbook. 

The Chair stated there were 21 new attendees this year. Discussion followed regarding new attendee sponsorship and the duties involved.  There was general agreement that the Wrap-Up Session should include a debriefing where each new attendee could relate their experiences of the Seminar. It was mentioned that some international new attendees, especially those who spoke a different language, might need more time from sponsors throughout the meeting. The chair indicated that she would contact the International Communication committee to coordinate on this issue. There was discussion that sponsors could invite new attendees to lunch. Susi Lowell (AK) wondered if the Committee could sponsor a breakfast for new attendees and their sponsors. This led to discussion of using a breakfast as our orientation meeting. 

Lourdes Guerra (TX), a new attendee this year and winner of the pin contest, thought there should be more opportunities for new attendees to mingle with each other. She felt she'd had plenty of interaction with long-standing members, but would have liked to meet more people sharing her experience as first time new attendees. Bruce Jamerson (VA) mentioned that using the hospitality suite as a venue for the new attendee orientation program had been done in the past, and he thought it should be considered again. Jean Burgin (KY), the immediate past chair, volunteered to E-mail all of the new attendees to get additional feedback on their experiences at the meeting. 

The Chair asked for input from Committee members regarding themes for the new attendee orientation at next year’s PDS in Branson, Missouri. Committee members liked the following: 

            Theme: "SHOW ME ASLCS" - to show new attendees what the Society does.

            Game: "SHOW AND TELL" - each new attendee and each sponsor would come prepared to share something about themselves and/or their state. 

The Chair stated that both she and the Vice-Chair would be driving to the meeting next year, so it would be easy to bring decorations with them. She encouraged Committee members to email her with more ideas about decorations, themes, and ice-breaker games as they thought of them. 


Upon a motion by Bruce Jamerson, seconded by Sandy Tenney, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Kannarr, KS, Chair
Kirsten Waid, AK, Recorder