ASLCS Legislative Administrator Committee Meeting Minutes

Professional Development Seminar
Milwaukee, WI
September 11, 2010


Call to Order

The meeting of the Legislative Administrator Committee was called to order by (Insert name, two letter state abbreviation, and Committee position/title). 


The following members of the committee were present: 


Laura Clemens, Chair (OH)


Scott Kaiser (IL)


Dowe Littleton, Vice-Chair (AL)


Millie MacFarland (ME)


Patience Worrell, Vice-Chair (TX)


Bernadette McNulty (CA)


Mitchell "Mick" Bailey (WV)


Patrick O'Donnell (NE)


Bo Hoover (WV)


Susan Furlong Reil (NV)


Donna Robinson Holiday (KY)


Eleanor Ringel (WV)


Laurel Johnston (HI)


Paula Rossetto (CA)

 Other members/guests in attendance included Pat Saville(KS); Norma Chastain(AZ); Ben Balding(WV); Zach Twilla(CA); Jamie Taylor(CA); and Joyce Wright(AL). 

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Bo Hoover, seconded by Pat Saville, the minutes of the last meeting held September 8, 2010, during the NCSL Legislative Summit, in Louisville, KY, were approved. 

Old Business

Feedback on the summer issue of the Legislative Administrator was favorable. It was suggested that new articles could include a report of the Masons Manual Committee, a report on the Canadian- American meeting, an article of memoriam in honor of Dave Gibson, Listserv questions of interest, a report on legislative travel restrictions across the country and a new member’s observations of the PDS. 

New Business

The budget for the committee will be approved by the Executive Committee on September 12. Committee meeting minutes and articles are due by October 1. Typically they are due within weeks of the meetings. The camera was assigned to the Alabama Senate. 


Upon a motion by Millie MacFarland, seconded by Susan Furlong Reil, the meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted,
Dowe Littleton(AL)