2009-2010 ASLCS Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Professional Development Seminar
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 7, 2010 

Call to Order

The ASLCS Executive Committee was called to order Tuesday, September 7, 2010, at 4:00 p.m. Honorable Greg Gray, Clerk of the West Virginia House of Delegates and President of ASLCS, presiding. 


The following members of the committee were present: 


Greg Gray (WV)


Al Mathiowetz (MN)


Robert Marchant (WI)


Jeannine Wood (ID)


Terry Spieler (MO)


Nathan Hatfield (VA)


Norma Chastain (AZ)


Mardi Alexander (TX)


George Bishop (VA)


Millie MacFarland (ME)


Carmen Cauthen (NC)



Other members/guests in attendance included: Angela Andrews, NCSL liaison to ASLCS; Karen Wadsworth, Clerk of the House of Representatives, NH; Laura Clemens, Deputy Clerk of the House of Representatives, OH; Pat Saville, Secretary of Senate, KS; and Larry Morandi, Director, State Policy Division and NCSL liaison to Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC). 

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by George Bishop, seconded by Millie MacFarland, the minutes of the last meeting held July 26, 2010, during the NCSL Legislative Summit, in Louisville, Kentucky, were unanimously approved. 

Treasurer’s Report

Terry Spieler, Secretary-Treasurer, submitted the following report, detailing deposits and disbursements from the ASLCS dues account: 

ASLCS Dues Account

Beginning balance on 7/26/10   $ 55,085.49 


Texas Senate: 2009-2010 Roster & Reference Guide 

  $ (2,615.70)

Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau:
Postage, Federal Express and Phone  

  $ ( 191.93)

Grace Cottage Hospital: Memorial for David Gibson

  $ (100.00)


 $ (2,907.63) 


$ 52,177.86 



On motion of Carmen Cauthen, seconded by Al Mathiowetz, the Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved. 

Old Business

Angela Andrews presented an overview of ASLCS financial accounts. During discussion of the Special Meetings Fund (L190 Account), a balance of $288,195.99 was reported. Angela noted the total fundraising to date raised for the Milwaukee meeting as $56,549. President Gray added the current balance of the L190 Account does not reflect private monies he raised to cover the expenses of the President’s Dinner.  

When reviewing the LLCS account, the committee was reminded of pending expenses not yet paid; reimbursement to Hobie Lehman for participation in the Associate Exchange Program; a previously approved disbursement for the LSCC Fall Webinar “How to Give a Good Presentation”; and Plenary Session speaker Craig Zablocki’s honorarium fee. LLCS balance as of August 30, 2010 was $19,475.05. 

A summary of the Milwaukee PDS budget and fundraising and host state expenditures were provided to the Committee. Members were informed the Society exceeded the attrition threshold on hotel nights and, although final numbers were not available, it is believed that the break-even point on full paid registrations was also achieved. Food and beverage costs are expected to be lower than projected, plus contributions had been committed from two additional national sponsors. Recycling of badge holders and lanyards is expected to produce a small cost savings to the meeting budget. A breakdown of complimentary registrations was also provided. 

Further discussion of Portland, Maine as the no-host site of the 2012 Professional Development Seminar continued. Millie MacFarland briefed the Committee on hotel rates, availability and timing of the meeting. The need of the Society to be vigilant in regards to keeping hotel costs down was addressed. On motion of Rob Marchant, seconded by Al Mathiowetz, the Site Selection Committee’s recommendation of Portland, Maine was approved.  

New Business

Transfer of funds from the Dues Account to the Special Meetings Fund (L190) was discussed. Millie MacFarland moved, George Bishop seconded, that $20,000 be transferred. The motion carried unanimously. 

Karen Wadsworth, Chair of the Bylaws and Standing Orders Committee, presented the Committee’s Style Guide for ASLCS Standing Orders. The guide was developed to give a cohesive format to the standing orders and should be used for drafting and revision. On motion of George Bishop, seconded by Mardi Alexander, the Style Guide was adopted and will be included in the next revision of the ASLCS President and Executive Committee Reference Guide

Al Mathiowetz moved, seconded by Nathan Hatfield, that Steve Arias be reimbursed air travel for attending the 2010 ANOMAC meeting. The motion carried unanimously. Also, on motion of Al Mathiowetz, seconded by Mardi Alexander, the Committee gave retroactive approval for a $100 memorial contribution for the late David Gibson, Secretary of the Vermont Senate. 

Committee members reviewed standing orders relative to pre-approval of publication budgets.  Roster and Reference Guide Committee Chair Marguerite Duda had requested the Executive Committee to give pre-approval to a budget, as her intent is to have the publication produced by November, 2010. On motion of Carmen Cauthen, seconded by Rob Marchant, a Roster and Reference Guide budget of $8,000, to include printing and postage, was unanimously approved by the Committee. Discussions of other publication budgets were deferred to the 2010–2011 Executive Committee. While discussing the Roster and Reference Guide, it was reiterated that only dues paying members are to be included in the publication. 

Past President Millie MacFarland presented the 2010 ASLCS President and Executive Committee Reference Guide to the Committee and extended her congratulations to President Gray for his year. 

Larry Morandi, Director, State Policy Division and NCSL liaison to the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC) addressed the members on behalf of Bill Pound, NCSL Executive Director. Mr. Morandi gave a briefing about NCSL and LSCC priorities.  He encouraged members to take advantage of the opportunities NCSL provides, adding that LSCC will meet in Denver, Colorado, October 15 & 16. Mr. Morandi extended Mr. Pound’s compliments on the work ASLCS does, as well as to the individual membership for the work they do in their respective state legislatures.  

Angela Andrews provided the Committee with a copy of the final report of the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee 2009-2010, as submitted by Nancy Cyr, NCSL Staff Chair. 

President Gray thanked the Executive Committee for a quiet, but successful year. He also praised the work done by Angela Andrews on behalf of ASLCS. 


Upon a motion by Millie MacFarland, seconded by Al Mathiowetz, the meeting was adjourned at 5:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry L. Spieler (M0)
ASLCS Secretary-Treasurer